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What is gadget ? Weave to me a bauble with love of

of What only you will not see on a neck and wrists of modern youth: an anarchical sign (punks), pacifistic (rappers), the satanistsky, so-called sign fishbone, products from skin, busik (initially - religious value). The most favourite, and therefore the most widespread - baubles from beads. They are carried a huge number of people of all age and in all countries.

One perceive a bauble as a sign of friendship and kind memory, others just carry with pleasure as ornament.

The name of this ornament - free interpretation of English thing . The hare tail fastened to a backpack, the dried-up pigeon pad or spark tooth, carefully wearable in a pocket can be a gadget. Originally so any amusing trifles which gave each other were called. Later so began to call self-made jewelry.

In a bauble everything is important: color, style, size. Often it has own name which is thought up by the author.

Usually this jewelry spins especially for a certain person, taking into account his character and addictions. They are given on birthday or just like that, on good luck, for luck to the one who was pleasant. When the person spins a talismanchik - it puts in it a part of the soul. Having weaved, the creator of ornament has to wear him that the talismanchik became impregnated with energy of the master. It is considered that after that the bauble will help at a difficult moment, having become a peculiar charm for the owner.

The hippies marrying use gadgets as twins similar at each other, instead of wedding rings. Meet vagrant gadgets which are regifted incredible number of times and can bypass all country or get absolutely to another.

Beaded jewelry of Africans is most interesting. In them bright colors - red, yellow, blue, black prevail. At North American Indians in honor brown, green, blue, white. Polynesians prefer red, white, black, pink. At Russians - blue, it is gentle - green, red. Among patterns the preference is given to geometrical ornaments. As a rule, they are under construction on the basis of rhombuses, squares and triangles.

Fenechnykh patterns there are several hundreds. Depending on the one who the owner of a gadget, they change value. For example, the bracelet with a spider on the handle idle time of the student means that it is economic. And here if the hippie with a spider went outside, he is probably an addict. However, there are symbols which ambiguously cannot be interpreted: the butterfly always says that its owner - loveful and sexually active type.

At the African tribes beaded jewelry changes depending on position of the person in the tribe, is purely female combinations, are purely man`s . For example, only pregnant women should carry blue color at some people.

At the Georgian the most valorous soldiers were given the shirts and covers embroidered with beads for the weapon. On islands of the Pacific Ocean a beaded and shelly beads carried out a role of money...

What color means?

Brown: earth, melancholy, death.

Violet: dreams, friendship, schizophrenia.

Black: death, mourning, mysticism, clarification, dismissal, independence.

White: freedom, life, purity, good, innocence, light.

Red: love, fire, blood.

Yellow: sun, belief, melancholy, grief, madness, LSD.

Green: harmony, grass hope.

Blue: tranquility, Beatles.

Blue: hope, sky, suicide, water, mind, rest, infinity.

Orange: fire, drug addiction, pacifism.

When you put on and you tie a gadget - a talismanchik, it is possible to close eyes and to make a wish. And to carry a bauble without removing until conceived is executed.

And to you it is worth coming, for example, to the meeting nonconformists with a fat beaded gadget as you will be asked right there to sit down in presidium as everyone, carrying it, is worthy honor and respect.

Gadgets - very unpretentious jewelry. It is not necessary neither to erase them, nor to clean, nor to iron. The only thing that is required to them - it is the kind reliable friend who would untie every evening numerous baubles on your wrists, and in the morning tied again: alone it is almost impossible.

Here such they, gadgets! And who did not decorate with them the neck and a hand yet, but very much wants, - forward, to friends who are able to spin intricate knickknacks Also let to you they will be presented with love