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How to be protected from rudeness? A practical advice of

the joke from the telecast " famous once Was remembered; Domino effect :

In the bus the boor called the nice citizen the idiot. The citizen smiled and answered: It is necessary, here and my mother-in-law also thinks!

Also leaders - Elena Khanga and Dana Borisova were right, of course, - having told in the opening speech that not any person can remain quiet when to it are rude Here only from it is not easier at all. Really everything so hopelessly actually and is not present any antidote from rudeness which became the ordinary phenomenon for a long time?

Yes, rudeness prospers. Prospers in all the breadth. We are rude everyone and everything: to the fellow workers, the friends just familiar and unfamiliar At the same time, as a rule, we are always repaid, we consider ourselves right, finally suppressing valuable orientations inside - the most important element of internal structure of the personality and the regulator of her behavior and at all refusing capital dogmas that the person has to remain a person and to serve only good, justice that integrity of orientations is formed at assimilation of social experience by us, development it is moral - esthetic ideals and immutable standard requirements . We live everyone for, for the interior, and after us the deluge philosophy yes an esthetics - for the elite!

Today other time. Other orders. Other customs. And let it surprises nobody. All changes in this world, life does not stand still, it everything goes, goes, slides WHERE only?

There is an assumption that boors are power vampires, that is the more to them react, the more energy should be given. The boor is amused with how violently we react to him arrival we are got It as if is also fed with it energetically! The truth it or not, - I do not undertake to judge. But life - such unpredictable piece what in it everything can be

And still what to do? Whether it is possible to be protected in general from rudeness and how to make it? Of course, it is possible. There is nothing impossible for the person with intelligence It becomes the following in the way:

The main thing - to keep calm and composure!

The easiest way - not to pay any attention to the boor, it is simple to ignore it, to try not to listen attentively that he tells, to turn a deaf ear and very clearly to show it absolute indifference. Otherwise not to pass to catch some nervously - a mental disease

Other way proceeds from this what boor runs on us. Business that boors are different. Is such whom it is possible to besiege them by method, and is also such who, as " engine; drives and drives In this case it is possible to calm down the boor, without giving in on provocation, or to fight back in quiet tones with a yumorok, having pointed to some unattractive fact in appearance or in behavior of running As they say to fight fire with fire. I think, it on the boor will work strongly as a tub with cold water. And after to try to suppress in itself bitterness about unpleasant and to drive, drive bad thoughts at their first emergence.

The third way - to look in the face to the boor or still any definitely that became it not really - that comfortably What definitely to watch

? Well, for example, on mezhbrovny space: not in core, and is more right or is more left, that is as if not through but also not in eyes... And it is quiet, politely once, to tell another the " type; Sorri, the cash desk of references does not give! .

If there is no effect, then plus to it mentally to imagine how the bucket with slops, garbage or cold water suddenly falls on the head to the offender. Speak, helps, calms

One more way - just to be highest, not to assimilate to boors and not to be sprayed on proofs that you not a camel !

In general, there is a lot of useful tips. Here everything depends only on ourselves... All the same it is more good people.