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What is the martial art - a board or a sword? Part 1. Why it is necessary for

Having conceived a series of articles about martial arts, I long could not solve what to begin with.

On the one hand, information on this subject a set. With another - the general idea of most of people about methods of self-defense is reduced to several associations: Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Wang - Damme, Jackie Chan, the monastery Shaolin, and also several names of schools and styles - at - shu, a shelter - faugh, karate and so forth

What actually represents martial art? Whether also art it in general? Whether there is an essential difference between styles? What occupations by martial art give? Whether there is from them an advantage or it is waste of time?

On these, and also many other questions, I will also try to answer all those who shows interest in occupations such.

I since the childhood dreamed to study methods of karate. Then it seemed that only knowing, this or that movement (reception) is how exactly carried out, it is possible to overcome any opponent. Actually, I strongly was mistaken. Though many think also now as if having studied a two-three of movements, they own methods of karate

Those readers and know firsthand that is already studied that they such martial art, will agree that there is a big difference between technology of execution of movements at training and application of the studied receptions in practice. Even in a rigid sparring in full contact it is much easier. Because the duel course can always be stopped in case of need. In real collision, usually, the duel stops only at will of the winner. And who him will be - a big question

In my opinion before coming to the hall of karate (or any other kind of fight), it is necessary to imagine accurately for what you need occupations.

In the stay by the instructor on hand-to-hand fight (I will explain later why on hand-to-hand fight!) I got the questionnaire in which surely there was a question on each pupil: For what you needed to study methods of self-defense? . And it gave me an idea of how to approach in the course of training this or that pupil. Because if the boy came to learn to do a revolving object as Wang - Damme, and the girl wants to be able to hit back to offenders from school - my task as teachers, is brought together not only to that to teach but also to try to give them it is as much as possible. Otherwise, I would turn into the training program. My purpose - development in the pupil not only abilities to own the body at the necessary moment, but also to be able to think in a dangerous situation.

Also depends on the teacher much, as well as on the pupil. It is necessary to look for the good teacher still. But also it is not so simple to find the good pupil.

In China speak: The Teacher should not know everything and all to be able. The main thing that he knew and was able how to inform the pupil of a manner of performance of movements, and also sense of each of them separately .

the good teacher, in my representation, has to be able to interest the pupil in the subject, to make it interesting to studying. Then the pupil will forget about offenders, will begin to study a subject not only from the applied point of view, but also with enthusiasm as though studied, for example, botany or embroidery.


Martial art is a set of knowledge by means of which owning them it is capable not only to reflect sudden attack, but also to prevent it. Because the best duel is the duel which did not take place!

For anybody not a secret that any fight, battle, war and other ways of physical impact, do not bring anything good. At the end surely there will be, at least, injured noses and bruises and as a maximum, mountains of the killed and wounded. In other words, any physical aggression is a destruction. Therefore, we will agree at once that we want to destroy nothing, and we only study ways of preservation of balance of forces in the Nature and, first of all, in to ourselves.

The self-assured person will never begin to swing hands, to climb in a pocket behind the gun or to quarrel as if the port loader. And again I will give the Chinese wisdom: The the person - the softer him a voice is firmer! . Therefore if you want to study methods of self-defense only to show someone the physical superiority, you will achieve only reproach from those to whom it can not be pleasant. And reproach, as we know, beginning of the end of the relations!

We go further.

In any kind of martial arts, the main emphasis is placed on physical exercises and learning of movements of the attacking, destroying character. Why and why it becomes? Whether it is impossible to be limited to theoretical knowledge?

I will not reveal secret if I tell that any theory has to be tested in practice. Otherwise, it is possible to study all life the recipe-book, but not to be capable to make a tasty lunch. The theory is important for understanding of a subject, and the practician - for development. Knowledge and experience give wisdom!

What it is necessary to know about physical exercises and specifics of movements of any martial art?

If you look narrowly at how professional athletes practically in any kind of sport carry out the movements, you will notice that all of them are strictly optimized for specific goals. But never you will see wide, uncertain or excess movements. In it one of secrets of mastering technology of the movements in martial art - anything superfluous! I call it keys to knowledge of this or that movement (reception). All of them are carried out on the shortest trajectory to save not only time for its execution, but also the energy spent for this purpose. And to achieve such optimization, it is necessary not only the nobility as to carry out it, but also to be able to do it. From here and frequent repetition of the same movements at trainings.

But there is more to come.

Exists so-called muscle memory . Like, the more often to repeat the same movement, the better muscles remember it and automatically make at the right time. It is not absolutely correct though just in an explanation and it is available to understanding.

Actually, training it is possible to achieve only readiness of muscles for performance of this or that movement. The more often - the easier. And ourselves control execution process, of course.

In this question, I personally adhere to such theory:

Our body is a tool for achievement of certain purposes.

Internals - the mechanisms supporting a body in stable and operating state.

the Brain - the processor controlling a condition of all organism and, in case of need, giving teams for alignment of balance - meal, a dream, reaction to pain and so forth

Operates all this is Consciousness. As though we were operators on the computer, or drivers in the car.

In other words if we want to eat, then it is wanted not by us, and our body needs feed. We (Consciousness), can not feel appetite. But lunch time comes, and we force a body to eat food since we understand importance of its replenishment by energy.

Most of people on Earth associate themselves with the body supposedly I - it is my body, and the body is I. They got used to speak I want to sleep I want to eat I am cold etc. All this

is correct. But it is necessary to recognize that we make one acts on command of a body, and others on command of Soul (Consciousness). It is more pleasant to me to think that I operate own body, but not it me. The brain helps me to control it and notifies on all changes in an organism. Eyes and other sense organs help to be guided with space and so on and so forth

Therefore, my body for me only the tool helping my Soul (Consciousness) to achieve the objectives here in the physical World. For what and what for? It is already a question from other subject. And we will continue a subject about martial arts.

In the following article I briefly will tell about various styles and schools, about their creators and followers. Also you learn how to prepare a body for loadings and what it is necessary to begin occupations with not to do much harm to itself.

And finally there is a wish to notice that any physical exercises (whether it be swimming, the bicycle, tennis or karate) is, first of all, physical health.

So, good luck and to a meeting in the following article!