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Who is she - the Noble Blue Mould?

Ya think that most of people had cases when, opening packing of any food, met on it serovato - a greenish mold! Eh! It was not lucky! - and the food went straight to a garbage can. And business all that you had not a Noble Mould! Aha! Mainly Her Majesty the Noble Blue Mould lives on cheese. And by that, though gives it, at first sight, not really appetizing look, does its taste really noble. However, everyone to his own taste.

What the person such is, let`s understand!

Distinctive feature of cheeses with the Noble blue mold - existence of specks is green - a blue mold in soft cheese weight that gives to cheese special taste, incomparable with anything. The majority of such cheeses is made from cow`s milk. The exception makes the well-known roquefort cheese for which production sheep milk is used. Milk for this type of cheeses has to be turned at a temperature of 30 degrees. After that cheese weight is accurately shaken out in the form which is laid out by matter and closed a wooden plate. Then from time to time cheese circles turn to provide the best running off of serum.

Through one - two weeks take out cheese from a form and periodically overturn that serum continued to flow down. Thus, not boiled and not pressed cheese weight turns out. Disputes of a blue mold in the form of powder are brought in the prepared milk or already in cheese weight. During pressing they stay at rest until carbon dioxide in natural mines of cheese or in the artificial channels done with the help of steel spokes is not replaced with air. Approximately in 30 days it is formed branched out zelenovato - a blue mycelium which threads contain highly active proteinases and lipases. These enzymes work along with the enzymes which are usually functioning in cheese, and in 3 - 6 months cheese develops the specific taste.

By the way, there are not so many popular cheeses with a blue mold.

Roquefort cheese. This French cheese made of sheep milk is the cheese, most known in the world, with a blue mold.

Gorgonzola. This Italian cheese, is the famous cheese with a blue mold made of cow`s milk. It also grows ripe in caves and is penetrated by streaks is green - a blue mold. Gorgonzola cheese ripens from two to four months and in process of maturing develops more and more sharp and juicy taste.

Fourm d` Amber. the French cheese from cow`s milk which is considered one of the most gentle cheeses with a blue mold.

Dorblu. Semisolid cheese with a noble blue mold inside. Color of the test of cheese from white to slightly yellowish. Soft, slightly sharp, oily. The noble blue mold gives to this cheese its typical character full of juicy sharpness and special aroma.

But besides a blue mold, on cheeses live both white, and reddish a mold. Each of them impacts the unique relish. But, besides, on the fan. So, be not frightened if you see serovato - green spots on cheese, you do not hurry to send it to a garbage can, at first try. You like be pleasant. But at the same time, I do not recommend to bring the blue beauty at home! You never know, Not Noble will be?