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What do the Chinese and Japanese restaurants differ in?

Restaurants became an integral part of streets of any city. Conditionally they can be divided into two large types: European cuisine and Asian. In each type there is a great number of the, but in this case we will stop on two Asian: Chinese and Japanese.

Regrettably, but I began to notice that many it is not aware of distinctions between these two types of restaurants. That, as there and there eat with sticks, does not make related them in any way. Many think that they at the Chinese restaurant serve fresh fish and other seafood. Actually it not so. These are two essentially different types of kitchens and according to internal furniture of restaurants.

We will begin with the most exotic: with Japanese .

There is a little history: When foreigners came and began to fry meat, Japanese fainted as on islands of the archipelago there was practically no cattle.

clearly follows From history one of immutable rules of visit of this type of restaurant: it is undesirable to take a beef, chicken meat, pork dish and in general meat per se as it is not national, primordial dishes of Japanese. It is necessary to take seafood, and only seafood. Besides, it is necessary to consider that if the restaurant follows traditions, then gifts of this sea move crude (!) if another is not stipulated (a fried eel and other hot dishes).

Unfortunately, at our restaurants rice often not Japanese. Namely he has to move as viscosity at Japanese absolutely another. And there is for big money our rice somehow it is unprofitable.

And still a little bit unpleasant:

of the Dish rather small and quite expensive. The main nutritious loading lays down on rice and a garnish which often and the fig.

of the Land - bars at those restaurants is that do not specialize in Japanese cuisine, it is the myth. Japanese cuisine should eat in the specialist - restaurants. As specifics of food (crude fish) impose certain health requirements on restaurant. Not everyone the land - the bar can brag of it.

Now the speech Chinese restaurant came.

Bulls and other cattle at them was found always. This kitchen very versatile, but it should not be confused with Korean and Taiwan. There are dishes on any size and taste. The only thing what it is necessary to remember it spices. If write: Pork with spices... it means that in a mouth after absorption of this dish the hellfire will blaze. Very sharp, and you do not derive pleasure from a dish and absorption of food. That is, it is necessary to specify the level of spices, and always to ask the waiter about sharpness of a dish.

A little pleasant:

At the Chinese restaurant of a dish extremely big, portions approximately on 350 g. It is together real to cope with two, at most three dishes. To one in power one, but is rare when more than two dishes. At the prices are quite democratic, unlike the same Japanese.

As for an interior:

the Surrounding situation, on personal feeling of the author, at the Chinese restaurant is brought closer to European, that is without special color, nothing outstanding. While in Japanese east color, again - from personal feeling is felt. It is quite difficult to describe the atmosphere, it should be felt. But when you will visit on time the Chinese and Japanese restaurants, it is possible to distinguish one from another to you.

Successful to you tasting of dishes and pleasant visit of restaurant.