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In what mission of the woman?

Are such hackneyed phrase, all the known question - what want the woman? Tens of human generations throughout the millennia tried to find the answer. But, as practice proves, the answer actually concerns nobody. If sometime also remove the formula suitable for everyone, then there will be a following - men do not vnemlt to it, and women will look, will sigh a little and will pass by, having left everything in dreams, and will return to the usual occupations. Desire of the woman - a trifle in comparison with what from it is wanted. And this question is much more important. It is easy to find the answer to it if to address history.

I will ask you - who the most known to the world of the woman? The elderly lady for certain will answer - the Mother of God, and at the same time also will cross. Tinedzheyrka in earphones will tell - the Madonna, Christina Aguilera Britney`s silt, anyone. The young woman on heels will utter between telephone conversations - Adzhelina Jolie, Nichole Kidman. Everybody is different. But that first of all is important for any that it generated her - mother.

John Donne told once - the woman has three age: daughter, wife and mother. Proceeding from it it is possible to reveal the main mission of the woman: to give rise. That once you should give rise all speak around, and especially mother. Personally I constantly hear same: do not walk in such jacket in the winter - to you to give birth, do not swim in cold water - to you to give birth. And if also to look in depth of centuries

Why still any woman did not think of the one who and when, and, above all why decided - her mission to be the keeper of the family center? It agrees, not each mother edifies the daughter in such accent. Therefore, sometimes, there is other situation - the girl whom by the Highest Forces is intended to raise own offsprings, there is a devil knows than. And if to speak more precisely - a fruit of education of the kind mother.

So can, the main mission of the woman to understand and choose once and for all the share and destiny? I consider quite so. And I will ask those who does not agree with me only one question - what that which it is wrong to be defined will receive from life or it will be set not on that road? Only one - disappointment. And if to be disappointed in life, then and there is no need to live.