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Where to address for translation of site? There are no

In a staff of usual translation bureau optimizers, programmers and a web - designers and the more so raskrutchik which are necessary in order that the translated part of the website at least was indexed by local search engines as at most - left on search queries on the first pages of search results. Translation bureaus began to enter this new a type of service, trying to keep up to date, but without having idea in how to do it!

In - the second, low cost of a quotation on a translation service - a strong indication of the fact that transfer most likely will come out not qualitative. The matter is that the most part of staff of such translation bureaus is made by students or second-grade translators. Only they are ready to work with any volumes of information for real pennies which to them are paid by bureau. Any professional translator is cheaper than for 250 - 300 rubles for the page of the text (1800 characters with spaces) will not begin to translate (the European languages mean, east will much more expensive manage). I used to know many students from a filfak who earned additionally in the translation bureaus which are not disdaining bezdiplomny experts and I came suit somehow on 3 there - m a course, but, having looked at the trial text, was afraid to undertake such responsibility as the translation of business and technical documentation. Unlike other fellow students To what incidents and even to catastrophic consequences can lead a loose translation as to avoid it, and other secrets of translation kitchen I will tell in the following article.

In some bureaus I can only present to a justification of low prices of a translation service the fact that some translators use special programs which when finding of the familiar phrases and the whole segments of the text which are available in their database automatically give their translation. But, in - the first, it has to be the translator who was trained on work in these programs ( of Trados or of DeJaVu ), and in - the second, the translation of the text by means of these programs has to make a reservation. The text of the customer in this case is exposed to the analysis on finding of phrases and segments familiar to the program, and depending on their quantity there has to take place recalculation of the price of the translation.

But we will return to our main subject. The first that you due to remember - you need not translation of site, but localization of the website . It is the new term in the environment of technical translation. Here is how time localization of the website includes all complex of tasks, unsoluble for usual translation bureaus:

the Translation of pages of the website and adaptation of information taking into account specifics of the market and national mentality;

Translation of program modules of the website;

Adaptation of the graphic interface and a code of the website - the menu, buttons, elements of a code intended for search engines;

Optimization of the website under national search engines;

Assembly, testing and debugging of the localized website;

Registration in foreign search engines and reference books in which pages of the website owe a high rating.

But also here danger can trap you that you will get on unfair translators - localizers. Now on the Internet the websites where services in localization of the websites are offered began to appear. Usually they are offices advanced translation bureaus where together with translators IT - experts work, or translation bureaus by the efforts improve skills of the employees, training them in search optimization and localization. For the sake of interest I sent to one such firm request for localization of the website for several languages. I asked how many it will cost (as their price caused bewilderment in me meaning that the prices of the translation of texts and of a text translation service for the website, competently designated on the website as localization of the website were identical!) and also asked what I need to send them for localization of the website - all website in the form of HTML - pages and graphic elements in an initial format? On what the answer was received that it is necessary to send the TEXT and PICTURES, which will help to understand better to the translator about what there is a speech ! I was struck with stupidity of people who have no idea at all what is localization of the website though laid out on one of the pages the detailed abstract about in what localization differs from the translation. And the finishing phrase fixed me in opinion that translators of firm do not understand written until do not show them pictures .

How then to learn what firm does services in localization of the website qualitatively? I, first of all, would advise to call and to have a talk personally with the booking dispatcher, and, having armed with the knowledge presented in this article in detail to ask on all subtleties and nuances of the provided services, without forgetting to use such terms in questions as search optimization program module of the website adaptation of the graphic " interface; graphic elements in the initial " format; and other specific words which will nonplus speculators. If the person on other end of a wire asks again you or to speak wide something, something muffled - hang up a receiver. THERE NOT PROFESSIONALS WORK!