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From the lonely taciturn person in the center of attention: how to pass a way?

For a start small preface. On age I nearby left from the beginning of a way, but on writing of this article - experience is available especially as I visited on both sides of barricades. As far as you know, in any collective, be it amicable or not, is excess people . They can sit in a corner, draw on already used up leaflet or read to holes already by heart the learned books. As you already understand, the speech at first will go about hard life in kindergarten

So, life only begins, there are no problems special, everything is simple and easy, a lot of friends with whom it is possible to drive the machine on all area of the room, driving thereby the teacher mad. Whether and at all so was? At many, but not at me. Tried to get to the bottom of the reasons, I stopped that society did not take me for something, and I accepted sincere attempts to come into contact! What did not take for - I do not remember! I was not loved even by tutors. By the way about tutors - adults could not constrain the bad attitude towards me - belittled me before other children, did not help with drawings which did not get then on the general exhibition, but not in it business Probably, all considered me bad - and, as a result, I became such what saw me people around. In attempts to attract attention I became harmful that was expressed in a shchipaniye of fellow students. At first I considered that I won a victory as I became the center of general talk silly. What was farther? Yes in general all began to hate me! Fortunately I was six years old, and I could pass into school. It is already new page of life

the First class September - number too the first I waited for it, wanted in school. But! Communicative skills - zero. Positive emotions - zero. New friends - zero. I did not give up. Only from - for disorders everything was inattentively. The teacher asked: What would you draw on school? . I naturally listened to a body, and with full confidence that all will be delighted with my answer, and then will even ask to draw, answered: Deer . Explosion of laughter. Some aged mother long laughed loudly, wiping tears and repeating: Deer Ha - ha! . What remained to me? To smile - what else? I know that now would even not think of it is but then there was a wish to escape.

Still me slightly gnaws some sense of guilt about which I, however, forget at once. In my class there was a boy who was the real derelict, and I translated general attention to it. Now only I understand that my problem was nothing, in comparison with its problem. It soon left.

I here approached my first birthday at school. Decided to approach the girl from a class and a low voice invited her. And she agreed - we are on friendly terms still. To me all got used to the fifth class and even girlfriends appeared. Only, unfortunately, it were girls the ruthless, brutally deriding others shortcomings. And I together with them. At first it was pleasant, then tried to besiege them - and here I one again. Then there was that which I can call the best friend. I saw reflection of, remarkable, light smiling. And then there was a change, I trained for a new profession in a source of irrepressible energy. I found myself. Changes really happened spontaneously, I did not set the purpose to become another, but, looking back, I can give several advice to those whom the state of affairs does not arrange:

1. Cross through yourself. Force to communicate in unlimited number. As practical exercise - ask the passerby time, through 200 meters still, and still.

2. Be not afraid of the fact that from you will turn away as people in the majority good, and are located to communication.

3. Look narrowly to present to derelicts. In - the first, you will see how it is not necessary to do, and in - the second, you will raise to yourself a self-assessment. A dirty example - but there`s nothing to be done?

4. Be engaged in public work. I mean not political party, and something, uniting people. At least practical psychology.

5. If to speak about trifles - put on comfortably. It will help not to go in cycles.

In conclusion - look around. The world is huge, in it it is possible to be lost. But what we created surrounds us.