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What for the island such - Yarki?

If you like to travel and are interested in miracles which were created by the nature, you should visit Yarki Island. And, you will kill several hares at once: enjoy greatness of Lake Baikal, you will try the Baikal omul (really a delicacy) and you will visit the amazing island which is called a nature miracle. Yarki. The accent in the name should be put on the second syllable - the name came from the word yar (diminutive form of plural).

Yarki is very peculiar island. When you look at it, will seem to you that it is a narrow strip of sushi. The island is extended practically along all northern coast of Baikal. Yarki - the alluvial tongue of sand formed by carrying out of the rivers of Kicher and the Upper Angara; length of the island is 12 km, width is from 50 to 150 meters.

It is possible to get on the island by the boat, but if at you are not present that, do not despair. Ashore it is constant are on duty residents of the small town of Nizhneangarsk are owners of these vehicles. For a small payment they with pleasure will bring you to the island. At the same time it is possible to agree about fish, and then every morning you will receive a fresh catch.

The island is interesting that it as if is divided lengthways into two parts: one - the sandy beach, another - marshy places. In the middle mainly the small birch forest and a cedar stlannik grows. But you without effort will find the place where to set up the camp, to you will point traces of campfires to it.

Be ready that you are attacked by crowds of curious, almost manual burunduchok. These amusing creations got used to people before that not really - that are afraid of them. They will constantly watch you from small distance, but be not under a delusion: not you object of their supervision. Chipmunks are small rodents, the main thing for them - than to fill the cheeks. Therefore do not leave unguarded products! For a short time buckwheat, sugar, candies, cookies can pass into nothingness. You do not want to sit hungry - hide everything in tent.

About one inhabitants of the island it is necessary to tell. These are seagulls. If you get to Yarki during this period when they hatch out eggs, do not approach close nests. And how to learn where nests? - you ask. As easy as shelling pears. If you walk along the island also see that over you seagulls begin to turn, - means nests somewhere nearby. Do not push luck. The you will be closer approaches nests, the below will begin to turn over you seagulls and can wound you with the wings. It is better to return. In the rest of the time of a seagull behave quietly.

On Yarkakh there are a lot of tourists, and not only from Russia. Most of all for some reason Germans so if you though slightly - slightly know German or English, it is possible to strike up acquaintances and to practise language. But if you wish to enjoy beauty alone, it is always possible to find a lonely corner. All have enough place.

The most surprising on Yarkakh is declines. The huge heated sun sits down slowly, constantly changing shades and patches of light on the lake. Small waves, slightly rustling, fight about the sandy beach. It is difficult to describe such beauty, it is necessary to see it own eyes. Having spent by

several days on this amazing island, you can speak everything that you saw one of wonders of the world. And it will be the real truth!

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