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What it is necessary to know about business cards?

Today business life is inconceivable without business cards - any person respecting himself possesses the business card. On it it is possible to tell a lot of things about the owner. Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to registration of the business card, this your person, - to think over its sketch, to choose good paper and to pick up a way of production.

One of versions of an origin of business cards - that they were invented by Chinese in the 3rd century. At that time the Chinese officials used business cards on red paper. One more version says that business cards extended in Europe through Italy. There they appeared in the middle of the 17th century and coincided of the size of playing cards of that time, that is were quite big.

Russia adopted vizitochny fashion from France. Visiting tickets as they were called, were bright, colourful, were decorated with images of the coats of arms, ornaments and various pictures. For example, at Suvorov on the business card the sketch on which dogs tore apart a wild boar was represented. Here and I at court, kusayemy all - the commander deciphered value of the picture. In those days vizitochny mail was developed - for example, without having found the host, the business card was left, having folded on it the right top corner. Reported about desire to meet, having folded the right bottom corner. If to meet the left bottom corner did not work well, folded in any way.

The cult of business cards is very developed in Japan. If the local inhabitant gives you the business card - that he will hold it in both hand and will bow. Japanese have business cards for works for friends etc. The official business card defines the Japanese`s belonging to any company and respectively situation in society.

Vizitochnoye kingdom very different - business cards happen except usual to all of us known - vertical, plastic, folding as books, etc.

Modern business cards share on business (information) and image. The usual business card represents a rectangular piece of dense paper of the standard " size of 95 cm; Female business cards can be less - 84 cm. A business card European standard - 8555 mm.

But it is better not to experiment with the size of the business card - generally card holders are calculated on 95 cm, and the non-standard business card can bring inconveniences in storage. It is possible to express the identity, having picked up an unusual cardboard for the business card or to order the design model.

Business - business cards usually strict and laconic. The highest sign of taste is a simple business card from expensive cardboard on which the black font wrote a full name and the owner`s phone. The background is usually white, pink or blue. It is better not to abuse color of a background and to remember that earlier, for example, the pink business card meant the invitation in a boudoir. The text respectively on a light background - it is dark - brown, black or blue. It is better to pick up a font simple and readable that it it was easier to understand, abuse exotic fonts in business business cards is not necessary.

Business cards one - or two-color are now appreciated. The best paper for business cards - imprinted. From the back the business card have to be pure - that on it it was possible to make any marks about the owner, or to write a note. It is impossible to do from a reverse side an inscription in English at all is a bad form. If you work with foreigners, it is necessary to order one more set of business cards for not Russian-speaking partners. It is not necessary to laminate cards - then on them it will be impossible to do marks.

Business - business cards should be made out according to classical tradition - above on the center - the name of the organization, below - a name, a middle name and a surname of the person, is even lower - a position, the address, the phone / fax, the e-mail address and the website is specified in the bottom right corner. It is also desirable to add a logo of the company.

On the business card the name, then a middle name, and then a surname is written at first. If the business card is printed in a foreign language, the name and a surname are written completely, and the middle name is designated only by the first letter.

Image business cards compete on eccentricity and their purpose - to make impression. Such business cards are usually done to themselves by artists, designers or fashionable clubs and restaurants. On such business cards it is possible to meet unusual pictures, rare fonts, photos or stylizations. Strict rules of business business cards do not extend to them.