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What communication between symmetry and power of thought?

Exist many ways of weight loss, but I will not repeat, and I will tell only about several which do us not only harmonous, but also happy.

So, you decided to grow thin. What for? Try to answer yourself this question honestly? Also write down answers on a sheet of paper or formulate version of the answer in the imagination. We make the list of desirable results with one purpose - to prepare our favourite organism for the fact that changes approach. It is not necessary to subject it to a stress, putting the ultimatum that allegedly today I go on a diet, 3 times a day go to the gym, 2 times a week starve and so forth. Of course, sports activities and a reasonable diet - it is very good, but we today not about it.

Whatever purposes moved you at desire to lose several extra kilos, the main thing - to find the optimum weight with which you will feel healthy, beautiful, vigorous, well and of course, favourite and desired. So,

Council the first.

Accept yourself such what you are. And what you are? Beautiful? YES! Harmonous? YES! Darling? YES! I Can assume that some of you will answer suddenly NO. At once I warn - the answer incorrect. Why? Yes because your body was created by love with love and for love. Never remember it and, you hear, never you speak about yourself badly or just scornfully. NEVER. Who and what would not speak - you are beautiful! Time you appeared in this world with such body - means, you needed it and if you want to make yourself even better - it is your right. Besides, it is very simple - concentrate on what you aspire to. And you will receive it!

And as soon as in your consciousness there is an inscription: No. It not I. I not beautiful etc., fast select these words with the cursor, and press DEL button. And on the same place write capital letters: I am a source of beauty and health. I - am beautiful .

Council of the second.

Waking up every morning with gratitude that you are an owner of a fine body, do not jump from a bed, and lie down several minutes and talk Have with the body a heart-to-heart talk. Agree with it that today you will feed him with exclusively healthy food that today you will move more, than usually (of course, in process of opportunities) that today you will not eat after 8 o`clock in the evening. And it only today. And tomorrow, if very much it wants to your body, then it is possible and to indulge himself with something such.

After that get up and do exercises

of 15 minutes, it is possible 10, it is possible 5, it is possible 1 minute. Well, one minute - that is possible? As a result in a today you receive so many compliments how many minutes spent for morning exercises. That is today all day it is necessary for you as it is possible to treat more attentively surrounding people and to absorb in itself all those pleasant things which they will tell about you. These compliments need to be written down in a notebook (not to forget). If compliments insufficiently, so you add them to this list, and then before going to bed re-read it aloud 3 times. That`s all.

Council the third.

Today you have breakfast, have dinner and have supper. You eat so much how many it is necessary for your organism, but you remember that today you feed only it with healthy food. And only today you cease in breaks between meals to drink tea or coffee with something to " tea;.

Council the fourth .

Forgive yourself. Just on the way to work or when you gave out free minute, tell yourself I forgive myself . For what? For everything. For the fact that did not accept the perfection earlier for the addictions, for the fact that envied, swore, shouted, argued, allowed stressful situations in the life. For the fact that did not love themselves as you deserve that and did not accept themselves such what you are. And what you are? Beautiful? YES! Harmonous? YES! Darling? YES! And still you the clear head and a light angel, the sun giving to people light and heat, pleasure the unearthly and best representative of all fine on this planet.

Council the fifth. Draw with

yourself or find an ideal figure which is pleasant to you in the magazine, think up what you would like to be and add to it the person. Hang up this image on a foreground and every time, looking at it, you speak to yourself: I accept myself with love. I accept the new fine body. I love the body. I love myself! . Every evening before going to bed draw the ideal in the imagination from head to foot. Represent the radiant eyes, a joyful smile, silky hair, a magnificent breast, the tightened belt, elastic buttocks, harmonous legs.

Council of the sixth. Do to

all this not only today. Waking up every morning with gratitude that you are an owner of a fine body, do not jump from a bed, and lie down several minutes and talk Talk to the body.

Council of the seventh.

you Love yourself. Remember that everything that we do - we do only for ourselves, for the sake of ourselves, for the sake of self-improvement and development of the immortal soul.

Know, you are beautiful. So will be always. And will never be in a different way.