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How to become the best friend to itself?

Many people as it is strange - the worst enemies to itself. Every day they program the subconsciousness negative thoughts. They constantly render to themselves ill turn - repeatedly limit the opportunities, and sometimes and just physically destroy themselves.

It is well-known that the main reason of such dreadful disease as cancer, rejection of the world is. It, this global hostility to everything begins with dislike for itself. Stomach ulcer, not healing trophic ulcers and many other diseases have dislike for themselves in the basis.

Many people just are ashamed to love themselves. In the childhood always inspired in them - it is bad to care only for himself, at first take care of others. And confuse many love to themselves to a narcissism, narcissism by to the detriment of all others.

Yes, to Bibles it is written Love the neighbor as . Listen attentively to these words - as . It is supposed that yourself - that you love always, and it does not contradict Christian ethics at all.

Each of us unique creation of the nature. And it is unreasonable to treat a masterpiece devil-may-carely, at least! If all of you - resolved to change

the life to the best, we will begin.

1. Define who you are is actually. Why you came to this world? What would you want to be engaged in if your opportunities would be boundless? Despite naivety of this question, most of people even were not set by it during all the life.

2. Find negative sides of the self-assessment. Accurately write out them on a sheet of paper. Take other leaf, rewrite each negative situation positively, i.e. exactly the opposite. And now burn the first leaf and, looking at a flame, tell yourself - Now it not mine

3. Consciously look for in yourself advantages. Rejoice when you find how the child. You praise yourself for any executed business whatever insignificant it seemed to you.

4. Every morning get up in front of the mirror. Straighten shoulders, become straight, feel self-confidence. Try to remember this muscular state. Smile most to yourself, repeat about yourself - I love myself, I love it what I am (what I am) . Then, during the day, just present the reflection in a mirror.

5. Indulge yourself more often. In each person all life there lives the child. Allocate for the personal whims at least 10% of the income.

6. Each person lives on the individual rhythms. Everyone has recessions and rises. Calculate the recessions and rises and try to adapt to them. You will begin to be tired and irritated less, and it significantly raises a self-assessment.

7. Relax! As often as possible. Even during intense day of work. The organism cannot be " all the time; in combat readiness . It you not only keep high performance, but also the health. Think during relaxation of something quiet, warm and kind.

8. Realize once and for all - you are not ideal also ideal (ideal) never will be. Dare luxury to carry out affairs not ideally, and sometimes and badly. Never compare yourself to others. Just try to become better (with your own, but not from someone`s point of view) every day.

9. Think how any experience - pleasant or unpleasant can bring you benefit.

10. Be engaged in the body. Often better to look, rather quiet half-hour walk before going to bed.

11. Look for information and literature on popular psychology. Choose from a flow of information what suits personally you. Check any information obtained from different sources for compliance to the peace of mind.

Carrying out these are councils every day, you will love stronger and stronger yourself, will become kinder, quiet and the world will seem to you not such any more cruel as earlier. Believe

- it is fine, to love itself and to derive from it enormous pleasure.