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How to arrange houses a tea ceremony?

So far the teapot did not boil yet, and friends at ways, reach to your house - this time to a tea lodge - through howl blizzards with dream at last to be warmed, you can be defined in what country you want to hold your tea ceremony, it is mistake - to believe that the true art of a tea ceremony is peculiar only to Japan. Remember about “ five o’clock “ or even about a big-bellied Russian samovar!

And word “ ceremony “ - English origin. So we will begin, perhaps, with England!

“ Five o’clock “ or “ Afternoon Tea “ Buy

tea in bags, without it there cannot live British, and is so strong that everyone drinks three kilograms a year!

Are obligatory also cream or milk, a white cloth and a checkered cover on a teapot which is tenderly called “ tea - cozy “ (It keeps the tea nice and warm).

It is better to choose tea “ Earl Grey “ with it ginger cake which you will make on snack will be very tasty. Still British love teacakes, but in order that they turned out really English, dough should be matured in the refrigerator all night long. there is no

A if time to maintain it, and then also the furnace because friends already knock at the door and besides knock teeth from cold, so to prepare ginger meringues much quicker (they as snowballs, melt in the mouth and are dissolved in tea).

For them you need 2 egg whites, 50 gr. icing sugar, 1/2 h l. ground ginger, 4 tablespoons of cream or sour cream, 1 piece of ginger which is small cut icing sugar. Warm an oven to 150 degrees. Lay baking sheets parchment. Beating egg whites in foam, add to them icing sugar and ground ginger, on 1 tablespoon, without ceasing to shake up, before formation of strong brilliant foam. To shift mix for meringue in a pastry bag with a big nozzle and to squeeze out 8 strips widely spaced. To bake 1 hour 20 min. to faintly - golden color. To allow to cool down completely. To mix cream with ginger and to stick together 2 meringues, coating with cream. To strew with icing sugar.

of Enjoy!

“ Th é “

If you believe that with the French croissant it is tasty to drink hot chocolate or coffee, then you is indisputable are right, but article about tea which can also be picked up correctly to such crackling golden snack as French roll.

Besides, in France throughout a long time tea remained more rare and more expensive drink, than coffee. It was associated with expensive porcelain services and silver, unlike coffee which began to be sold on streets and in the modern institutions which received the name of cafe at once, and tea moved in drugstores as means for digestion improvement.

Therefore in France Fashionable tea rooms were invented. Such you can create for the evening at yourself in kitchen. For this purpose you should choose black tea, with a lemon, strong and a little tart that its aroma was felt stronger than aroma of coffee, and then the ceremony will work well wonderfully well.

of Bon app é tit!

“ Big-bellied samovar “

the Samovar is available almost at everyone, get it from a dusty closet, wind with a linking of sushka and surely bake gingerbreads! to Whom it is better for

to know that by tradition Russians drink tea in the morning or when “ will feel depressed “ that is, when there is nothing to do.

The real tea, traditionally, has to burn down lips, and not only because that it very boiled, but also because tart. This tartness is smoothed by jam - bilberry, apple, currant, generally, choose in a closet when you get a samovar from there.

Fill in tea in a glass that participants of tea drinking saw its opacity - not a glass, and tea because tea has to be dense, but not liquid, “ through which to see Moscow “. be not surprised to

if guests, having drunk up tea, overturn a glass upside down and will put on it the lump sugar rest - it means that tea drinking worked well under all laws of a big-bellied samovar.

What tradition you chose, tea will always warm behind sincere conversation, will help to relax and as mint tea before going to bed is good!

Still it is possible to write and write about tea, but my tea was already ready and I go to drink, you want too when you stop reading article!