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What is Purim and purimshpil?

the Holiday of the Jewish calendar Purim this year fall for March 4. An essence of a holiday and that is celebrated - well and it is distinctly told on an adjacent resource. I think that there is no sense to drive to and fro electrons and photons and without need to multiply entities - when it is possible just to read a spravochka.

Absolutely briefly speaking, it is a holiday of disposal of the Jewish people of destruction and disorder in very old times. The enemy of Jews Aman confused the tsar Akhashverosh , the tsar became angry about Jews and only them rescued intervention of the queen Esther. It is interesting that the tsar did not cancel riots (as not to repeal the imperial decree), but allowed Jews to resist thugs! Generally, all escaped, hung up Aman. In commemoration of it in Purim it is accepted to arrange a two-day carnival, to children buy or do fancy dresses, but also Jews eat many special purimsky delicacies. So all children of Israel wait for Purim, consider suits of pozakovyristy, buy graggerses and drums and anticipate fun. Adults wait too, and... strengthen protection and checks on roads. But about it we will not be. We about cheerful.

For those who want to get acquainted more seriously with the historical background according to primary sources - there is an on-line Book of Esther , that is Meghilat Esther. But also here the collection of references on all tastes - from naiseryezneyshikh philosophical articles and to comic purimshpily.

And what is it - purimshpil ? It something like such KVN on Purim, and not only. Tells Anna Fayn:

... Nobody knows precisely when there was a genre purimshpilya. It is authentically known that it happened at least about two hundred years ago.
starving students of Yeshibahs were first purimshpiler. Compassionate inhabitants of places willingly went for their amateur representations on the subject Esther`s books also awarded actors sweet Aman`s ears and other delicacies that those otjetsya a little during a holiday Purim. By the way, according to Rambam, in Purim it is necessary to amuse the people, especially all grieved - widows, orphans and other representatives of socially weak layers. So purimshpil - not just a ball. Eshibotny representations, by the way, were purely man`s. For reasons of modesty of the woman did not climb on a scene in those days, and some beardless boy got Esther`s role.

Years hundred or hundred fifty back Russian Jews began to give purimshpilyam topical character - Akhashverosh was from now on similar to the Russian tsar, and Aman - to some minister - the anti-semite (such was always enough). Refuseniks 70 - 80 - x years carried on this tradition. They for the first time began to write and put purimshpil in Russian. Refuseniks on the whole were research associates and residents of big cities therefore their works bore on themselves the stamp skit so popular in this environment. Amateur, it author`s, the song exerted the impact on development of a genre too. In those days purimshpil it was played in the crowded private apartments, and sometimes came to an end with invasion of the most real Amanov in a militia uniform or in plain clothes. For too topical treatment of the ancient text and midrashy it was possible to ring out to Lubyanka. Troubles, however, expected also those who in general just were interested in native culture... (to read further Anna Fayn`s story and actually texts of purimshpily).

Well, and recipes of delicacies - you ask. Alas, I in this question can tell little, but here on this page you can read these recipes: is simple, and is also exotic, like cakes in the form of eggplants. I think that they can be made, even being not religious engaged in this sphere. Cookies all the same will be tasty.

And that you also visually plunged in karnavalno - maskaradny fun of Purim , I can and I want to acquaint with the artist A. Levin . He is Kiev resident, in Israel since 1990, and his creativity is very extensive and includes pictures in genres realism and surrealism. His pictures on the Jewish life are realistic and colourful (the cycles Jerusalem Jewish life Mea Shearim and so forth), is shaking (look at it!) the Venetian series , and is a set of the bright and improbable pictures painted in a surrealism genre (it on the fan).

Bon appetit!


of the Yeshibah (an eshiva, eshibot) - the Jewish higher religious schools.

Midrash ( studying ) - the collection of reflections of wise men and stories on religious subjects.

Refuseniks - those to whom Soviet competent authorities refused departure to Israel.

Rambam (Rabi Moshe bin Maymon, Maymonid (1135 - 1204)) is the Jewish scientist and the philosopher.