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Why misfortunes never come alone and how to fight against lots of troubles?

Because awful what I was terrified, comprehended me;

and what I was afraid of, came to me .

Bible, (Iov, 3:25).

There was at the person a trouble. Well, or misfortune, trouble some. To whom does not happen. Badly only the fact that the trouble usually does not come one. And why? And how to fight against it?

Any misfortune is followed by unpleasant emotions, negative experiences. Well why it happened to me? Why I am such unlucky Etc.

If you further and further indulge in pessimism probably you will already think so: I am a worthless person. I just do not deserve (substitute here what for you is most of all significant - happiness, wellbeing, success etc.) .

And on your belief it will also be rendered to you . Here also the chain of misfortunes which you on yourself predicted is realized. Whole chain of misfortunes!

Besides. Many people, even when everything goes well - are anxious. Something not so,

- they say to themselves. - All good sometime comes to an end . If you so think - all will come true thus. Such situation is created by your negative expectation.

Many people, when their affairs begin to go well, feel dickey. They just do not believe that good times can last long (or it is eternal).

Sometimes you feel depression, fear, uncertainty even then when for this purpose, apparently, there is no logical basis causing these feelings. The reason - those thoughts, which at you inside! These thoughts also operate our self-assessment and consequently, and your behavior.

And now we will understand how to struggle with negative thoughts which cause negative feelings.

1. You love yourself. You treat yourself with love. You are worthy all in this life. Feel it. Remember this state and cause it when to you it is bad.

2. You love life. Such what it is. It is your life!

3. If you have constantly high uneasiness, reduce importance of all affairs. Dare to do serious work not ideally, and sometimes and badly.

4. Try not to compare yourself to others, especially to those who seem to you more succeeding in something. They have problems, just you do not guess it.

5. You praise yourself. For each executed business what insignificant it would not be.

6. Get to yourself idiotic a habit to rejoice to failures. Such relation turns failure into life experience which opens a door in other life.

7. Do not ache and do not complain of destiny, injustice, circumstances etc. Whiners are always not lucky.

8. The fear is only fear novel. The enemy of any fear - action. If you do not act, you fall into catalepsy, losing control over a situation. Having left towards to fear, you will see that 90% of fear are your not knowledge, and the remained 10% are problems which can be solved. Give energy to decisions, but not experiences!

9. Program subconsciousness on a positive. Repeat about yourself success formulas for example, Every day I feel better and better! .

10. Negative experiences are a habit. Replace this habit with opposite. Give vent to feelings of enthusiasm, rise, confidence in the forces and other positive emotions.

11. And main thing! Never, never, never give up! You and only you are able to afford to break yourself. Or not to allow. To choose to you.

I hope, these councils will help you at a difficult moment. still I wish

A to you that hard times at you did not come. Never.