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What were we taught by army to (thoughts after a holiday)?

Here also passed on February 23 - one of ours sexual holidays as recently one wrote the newspaper famous all over the country. And the holiday is not only clinking of glasses, salutes - fireworks and gifts, but also a certain summing up, experience reconsideration

to the Author of these lines happened to be carried out in the Soviet, then and Russian army of 8 years - 5 in kersey boots, 3 - in officer chromic. And gathering in one day on corporate, and then - and to a friendly party, we asked each other questions: and what you received also there what lost? Here the most frequent and reliable versions of answers.

1. If the person has some quality - the army is capable is hundredfold it to strengthen, at the same time it is not important what sign this quality. In Christianity it is said that from poor it will be taken away, and to rich it will be put in the Buddhism - if you have a stick - I will give you a stick if there is no stick - I will take away it from you and in an old Russian proverb - rich and against the will of oil will put in porridge, and poor and accidentally in water us ut . Yes, all - so. And if you - brake in army your braking will reveal to the immense horizons and if the leader - you have every chance to strengthen and develop this skill. Also, alas, and with health

2. Life in army is very concentrated therefore it is always possible for something good to learn - would see in it sense. Free of charge to drive the armored personnel carrier (it - a car), to make it is repair - finishing and construction works, to seize skills skillful on - Confucian manner with seniors and chiefs and much still what. You begin to understand a vanity of high technologies (computers, mobile communication and other).

3. Neatness and punctuality - here really Life for those who appreciate it and doubly for those who did not learn it yet.

4. Creativity - it in army is more than enough. And it - not only ability to cook porridge from the axe, but also ability to lie plausibly (it is not simple to tell a lie, but also to pervert a context, and to keep back, and just to hold back), and to hide the unlawful things, and to find the nontrivial solution literally in seconds. Not only the reputation, but also human life can be a payment for it.

5. Ability to appreciate time in a broad sense - both just to wait and suffer, and at the same time as much as possible to squeeze out advantage from each free minute.

6. Ability to pay attention to trifles (and life for 80% consists of them) - beauty of the nature, circle of hot tea, the received letter, the footwear removed in the evening, a spring grass and many other things.

7. Ability to see wisdom behind banality. Simple example: how on modern wars parts of a special purpose beat? Correctly, on march. And infantry so do not beat because, without possessing excessively special skills, her representatives well acquire the Charter (at first sight, a dubolomneyshy thing). Where it is very accurately registered who and where in the car takes the place. Also happen unforeseen - not only beat off, also counterattack. And here it is better for these people not to charge cleaning and other diplomacy, as well as to be put to the modern city astride armored machinery without preliminary processing by aircraft and artillery (alas, there was also it).

8. Sense of proportion. You remember the movie with S. Segal where it served as the cook on the battle ship captured by terrorists? And who those terrorists were? Correctly, same children. But, as one of local generals, " told; they were too creative therefore we made the decision to liquidate them . In most cases really not the strongest, but average representatives of a look survive

9. At last, only in the conditions of the compelled same-sex community you begin to appreciate really women and you understand that without them life is not absolutely life. And just service.

10. Here such thoughts in an interval between figures 23 and 8