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What we know about to war of the " formats;? HD DVD against Blu - Ray. Advance of

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You think, on improvements of the specification, and all war of formats is based? I will answer it is banal: NO! It covers practically all fields of activity of the person to understand what I speak about, do not brake on these words, and move forward. Creation of the hybrid disks having two formats on a disk, together was the first steps taken for involvement of buyers. For example, the TOSHIBA and MEMORY companies - TECH (is engaged in replication of disks) let out two-layer disks, on the top layer which settled down of 4,7 GB of DVD , and on the lower layer very freely felt of 15 GB of HD DVD . T. e take a disk and watch it on the DVD - a player though programs with high resolution will be lost only on HD DVD players. Do not think that Blu - Ray`Shchiki spat it. They just on it spat and created the hybrid disk. On this disk is as well as a soundtrack of the CDDA format , and the soundtrack of a format of high resolution of SACD , however, for listening of the last format will be required the special player.

It is asked why it is necessary to do disks if they could not be lost? Creators of these formats perfectly understood it, and understood that the one who will release the first the player capable to read disks of one of the competing formats that will have in the future more chances to win the technological market. Most quicker the TOSHIBA company understood it and let out the household player able to read disks of the HD DVD format. Ouch yes clear head! But Sony did not begin to sit up and let out the player with support of Blu - Ray. However, these players cost not less than 1000 American dollars . And it is only minimum price! In any case player! Well, you bought it and what? You think, you will be able to look at it with the TV?! Time bought expensive player, give it and expensive TV which will support the new HDV format (High Density Video - Quality Video) is a shot with the permission in 19201080 points . Five times it is more on the area of the PAL format and six times - the NTSC format .

In many respects the victory depends also on the game industry . If SONY has a prefix of new generation PlayStation 3 which is able to read Blu - Ray disks, then here the supporting HD DVD of the MICROSOFT company though has under a hand a Xbox360 prefix, but HD DVD decided, meanwhile, not to learn to read it, type let still will read DVD disks. And correctly in general do, it is unknown what will leave this war game of formats. But, in spite of the fact that on Xbox360`e did not install the HD DVD drive, maykrosoftovets declared that they will release the new Windows Vista operating system with support of the HD DVD format. It is impossible to bypass in this case the film industry . To be exact Hollywood. Which, in turn, was divided into HD DVD Hollywood (Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.) and on Blu - Ray Hollywood (20th Century Fox, Disney and Columbia Pictures) . The main thing that interests giants of the film industry, so is protection against piracy copying of AACS (Advanced Access Content System) which is available for both formats. Imagine, you want to buy a disk with pleasant to you the movie, come to shop, find that movie, and it, appears, the Blu format - Ray, and houses - that costs the HD DVD player. And what you will do? To buy the player and for Blu - Ray? Well, if you do not grudge money, then please!

Many companies tried to create the universal players capable to read both HD DVD, and Blu - Ray . However it is necessary to understand that at Blu - Ray and HD - DVD absolutely not similar technological basis, and therefore different optical system. And two absolutely different optical systems in one player, it already pleasure not from available. I to you, dear readers, advise with the choice of a format not to hurry. In - the first, it is unknown what this war of formats, in - the second will end, of SONY officially declared that is ready for discussion of a subject about prevention of opposition of two formats with the competing companies. So, perhaps, some compromise on an exit from this situation will be reached.

Would also like to tell you that on this article discussion wars of the " formats; does not come to an end so have patience and wait for new articles on this subject.

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