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Informal conversation in mathematical language is possible? I do not know

how you had it, and at me at school with mathematics somehow it was not glued. Not that we were not on friendly terms, and diligently avoided each other.

Long enough remained sacred awe, before unknown and inaccessible. So far So far the son did not go to school. And here it turned out that I understand mathematics, at least, at the level of high school. It was so unusual and surprising that I solved his examples and problems for the son and giggled with happiness. Thank God, in time stopped.

And then I faced other mathematics not less interesting and intriguing.

Turned out that figures are a peculiar language in which all communicate. And not only on Earth. Also all understand it too.

that each figure has a sacral sense I will not write. A subject not for article.

A about a ratio of figures and laws of the nature wants to be written very much.

If at you are though a drop of esthetic intuition, however, it is possible not to doubt it, then you for certain noticed inharmoniousness, artificiality of the human creations surrounding us. Only true talents please us with the surprising creations. And in the nature even the branch rubbed by winds or a weed - a zamukhryshka, are always harmonious and natural.

In what business?

Human generations often fruits of logical constructions. And for harmony the union of creativity and soul are necessary.

But in both cases the mathematics runs the show. More precisely, language of digits.

Both will develop, and will rely.

Can remember a similar situation with letters. Letters one, and words .

Being going to do something, we get a ruler or centimeter, or still any cunning measuring device. We count the sizes that everything developed and got used. Well, in general, all.

A at the nature other mathematics.

We will a little glance in history.

the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci who lived in 250 years prior to the namesake and Vinci liked to walk on the wood and to reflect.

As a branch grow, leaves are located and considered, considered. Gave rise as a result to a numerical row which each subsequent number was the sum of two previous: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,

This regularity is shown in everything and everywhere where the nature laid the hand.

Having observed as sprouts a yarrow from the earth, the scientist with satisfaction found out that at first there is one leaf, then two, three, five. Here so Fibonacci opened one of laws of the universe.

Leaning on this numerical row, it is possible to divide nearby the standing numbers at each other. At division of bigger number into smaller the result will aspire to 1,618.

If on the contrary, then aspires to 0,618.

I will not be afraid to tell that it is one of universal codes of the Universe which is perceived by human consciousness in all information and emotional completeness.

If is present at creation FI number, in a different way, number of the GOLDEN RATIO, then it, this creation is pleasing to the eye and soul.

Most interestingly the proportion of FI is shown in spiral structures: in a sink of a snail, a sunflower flower, the pine cone and even in the Galaxy.

Self-development of life occurs on a spiral which became an evolution symbol.

As it appeared, meticulous analysts found out that events which will affect our life appear only when time and amplitude, prepared to them Fibonacci`s number coincide.

Means, opening its manifestations in the Universe and in itself, we will be able to make surprising discoveries.