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You want to fail interview?

Then to you here! Now I will tell you what needs to be done and as it is necessary to behave on interview to take off from a human resources department as soon as possible. Honestly, why this work when and without it it is normal is necessary?

I think all who sometime had interview, will agree with me that it is rather difficult to have interview, to fill up it depends - easy as a pie. And so, that you were not seen in the firm chosen by you any more it is necessary:

1) anything the nobility of

about it One it in principle enough. Be you the owner of the company, you would employ the person who knows nothing about your firm or branch in which you work? Most likely, you decide that before you the ignorant, lacking initiative and lazy person for whom only and it is necessary that a constant salary and the place where he will be able to be interrupted several years. Uncertain answers only irritate your interlocutor.

2) all the time to show pessimism

A it is felt at once. Pessimism as if the invisible veil, covers any conversation. Skilled personnel officers instantly catch it. No firm needs losers, whiners, the victims of intrigues and the fanatics waiting for a doomsday any day. If you the incorrigible pessimist, turn you out earlier, than you will manage to take seat more conveniently. And it it is also necessary to you!

3) not to be able to communicate

you are not able to communicate? Remarkably! Stay at home! Find to yourself the sponsor or it is even better, ask the rich uncle to support you financially until you do not seize a subtle art to stir about everything gradually, seasoning conversation with remarks on business. Firms need chatterers and sociable people, but not closed misanthropes. Even engineers, scientists and programmers should tell about the affairs and to express the thoughts. You are employed to sell goods or company services. Read biographies of heads of the largest corporations, and you will see that almost all of them passed through trade. They were brilliant strategists or financial geniuses, but besides, they were the unsurpassed masters of belief capable to sell ice in Antarctica if it is required to firm.

On interview matters everything, even a greeting. You just managed to greet the owner of an office, and is already clear to it whether you will have interview, or will go home. Therefore as you need to greet? The answer in the following item.

4) to possess the muffled and incoherent speech

Blurt out answers, without thinking. As a result confused, verbose, muffled and obscure phrases turn out. Your interlocutor should not decipher your answers.

5) to behave is more unseemly than

For achievement of the object set by you to you it is necessary to chew, smoke, fuss on interview or at least to play with something. In other words, show all the bad habits. Familiarity will approach too. It is possible to rise with the interlocutor on an equal leg or to represent from itself regular guy . Do not forget arrogance, snobbery and egoism.

6) to look anywhere, but not in eyes to the interlocutor

Though you can choose also other way: look only in the face and anywhere any more! The success is provided to you!

7) never to ask questions and in general to tell less

Asking clever questions, you can show that you really are interested in this work. Therefore never ask about the career opportunities, rules accepted in the company, organizational structure etc. by

you Can ask about a salary, privileges and privileges. All the time check all told by your interlocutor on logicality, and if you find something not corresponding to your rules, surely report to him about it!

8) to put on as to you it is convenient to

Why to put on this inconvenient suit when and in jeans it is normal? Yes boots not strongly dirty. And from shaving face skin is so irritated And a conservative business suit or a dress let somebody dresses another. Women can emphasize all the features and on more brightly.

9) to forget what is confidence

Even if you feel on interview normally, show that you are ill at ease. You have to be an uncertainty embodiment. Seem uncertain, optional or passive more than vanity

I Hope, you will take from this article that it is necessary for you.

of Good luck on the chosen way!