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How to become the best?

1. To play sports, to keep the figure and to be always in good mood. The real lady knows that she bright, special, beautiful, clever, purposeful, resourceful, friendly, well-mannered and cheerful.

2. To have interesting, amusing and new jokes or jokes as it has an excellent sense of humour in a stock.

3. Sincerely to smile and rejoice to what you have. The smile is possible, but a lot of things give as D. Carnegie wrote.

4. To be able to listen, hear and to be able to be silent when it is not necessary to speak. It can support any subject of conversation without problems and interest the interlocutor in the personality.

5. To be always well-groomed. To put on it is beautiful and accurate even in case of financial crisis. Her clothes without holes and without spots. Clean brilliant hair, suitable hairdress, excellent manicure (it ceased to gnaw nails long ago and does not wait when the varnish itself within a month is erased), direct back and fresh look - guarantee of its daily success.

6. To be able to tell is not present when it means is not present .

7. Always to be polite, friendly and kind. Its reference book about etiquette always near at hand. To think only of good.

8. Always to achieve a goal. The lady knows that if she wants, then she will achieve any dream. The queen Udachi, Love, Wellbeing and Happiness remembers that if it is impossible to reach everything, it is not necessary to refuse part.

9. To pay attention to itself, the family, relatives, friends and those who love it. She knows that study, work and career - very important components of her life, but the family and its private life - are invaluable. The first it is possible to build all life, and having promoted, there is nobody only the family, close people " will be to share the pleasure, and in case of failure or sad minute; will accept and without money and a title, will forgive, will support, will inspire or will be glad. The shared pleasure - doubly pleasure. Ms. Vezeniye always says to the family that she loves them and is proud of them as she, perhaps, will be tomorrow late. For this reason she values every minute, carried out with darlings.

10. To enjoy life and not to stumble on the same place twice!