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What is post-crossing?

After emergence of e-mail in increasing frequency speak about death of a surface mail, in a literal translation from English mails - snails . Of course, to send e - mail much quicker, than to take the handle and paper, to paste all brands and to send the letter to travel to the recipient. And phones including mobile, made the business. Now every second owner of the mobile phone prefers sending SMS to a surface mail. The price of sending one letter, including brands, paper and an envelope, not that very much promotes revival of mail.

Well, it is sad. How many people feel boundless pleasure when receive an ordinary card! Also it became suddenly sad to one Portuguese: he liked to receive and send letters. It - that and post-crossing created the project. The idea is simple to a disgrace: the registered users send each other cards. Paper, not virtual! It is simple how all ingenious.

At first sight really simply, but is and which - what governed. For a start, the participant has to be registered, having specified some details. For example, country and city of residence. After that he will receive the small card on which the point specified its city and it, the cities, width and longitude.

Then to you it is necessary to choose a nickname and the password. And, of course, there is a little more information on itself: a full name and the postal address working with e - mail (and here not without it!) . Still it is possible to include other information, for example, your gender and age.

After registration on to the page the small plate where it is specified how many cards you sent and how many received is displayed. Cards which you sent, but they were not received yet, are called travelers . And some more references:

- I want to send a card - that reference from where it is possible to receive the address.

- I received a card from other user - here it is possible to register a card.

- The Cards sent by me - the short summary of the sent cards.

- the Cards received by me - the summary of the cards received.

- My map - the world map displaying the received and sent cards in the form of the lines connecting addresses of the sender and the recipient.

- My profile - your profile and its editing.

To receive a card, you have to send at least one. For this purpose it is necessary to click on the first link and, having read rules, at last to press on treasured button to order the address . On the following page you will see the world map showing that place where your card will go. And then you receive e - mail with the postal address of the recipient, information on him and a unique code which you by all means have to specify on a card. When the card comes, the recipient visits the website of the project and clicks the second reference, I received a card . It is important for the sender more, than for the recipient, then he rises on top of the list expecting and soon receives a card. If the card does not reach within 60 days, then it disappears from the " list; travelers but it can be still registered.

And the most interesting: you never receive the address of the compatriot. Never. you ask

whether it is safe? On main to the page you are assured that your address will not fall into grabby hands of spammers or into someone`s else grabby hands. Especially, the user cannot order more than 5 addresses. That is, so far one of cards did not come or there did not pass 60 days, you you will not be able to send more. It is made in order that to protect addresses from simple them, addresses, downloading.

And now a little dry statistics. The website is updated hourly, and at the time of writing of this article the situation was so:

- 11126 registered users from 126 countries.

- 2108 men, 7533 women and 1434 persons preferred not to specify the floor.

- 143485 cards were received.

- 40195 at present travel .

- Approximate delivery period of a card - 15 days.

And little sad statistics: Russia is only on the 15th place in the list of the countries participating in the project. From our country only 1243 cards while from America, the countries - the leader - 27909 were sent.

of Ya I hope, you support the project, it is so interesting, and our country will be included at least into ten. Address: www. postcrossing. com, there all in English, but address - I will translate.

And, at last, this hobby will not strongly facilitate your purse, sending a card on foreign countries costs only 14 rubles, apart from most cards. Dare!