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Whether it is difficult to be Au pair (nurse) in Germany?

Many of us hear that girls from Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries go to earnings to Europe, and in particular, to Germany as the nurse or servants (Au pair/baby - sitter). Of course, to you, it is possible, interesting what there waits for them. So, most of girls do not even suspect THAT waits for them. Promise - one, come - another.

To the nurse very strict requirement: it is necessary to treat all family members very with respect.

Let`s say the girl from Russia arrived to earnings to Germany as the nurse. Also she lives in a family. Let`s try to imagine the approximate schedule of work

So, the working day begins from 6 in the morning. In Germany children get up very early. To 13. 00 - 14. 00 they are in educational institutions. During this time the girl manages to remake the mass of cases. Some learn a foreign language (sometimes there are free courses or the family pays that it enters terms of the contract), arrive to study, write theses, some manage to earn additionally, and many nurses (depending on the contract if such point is absent, many families compel) do house cleaning, erase, iron, prepare. And only what by it will be specified according to the book! Many families count calories, buy products in bioshops. Juice dilutes with water for children, practically does not buy the yogurts and other products containing sugar and additives, and also chocolate. Otherwise children will have a toothache, seals, infinite receptions at the stomatologist and the huge account from it to parents.

After classes children should be brought home, to feed them (if they have not dinner yet), and then to bring to occupations in circles or to stay at home. In Germany it is forbidden to leave children of one house unguarded till 14 years. By the German traditions, children have to be in a bed already with 19. 00 - 19. 30. Children shout, cry, arrange scenes do not obey, but the main task of the nurse - not to go on compromises and to be patient.

The longer the nurse in a family, the better for parents. But some families do not give the chance to nurses to study, they can give among a week to it the day off, overset its plans, force to skip classes. Not all nurses can reconcile to improper treatment in a family and with the spoiled children who complain of it. Those who cannot live in such families change them. And quickly find. Nurses from Russia are very much loved. They are executive, friendly, conscientious, devoted and satisfy all conditions.

Unfortunately, many are forced to change families and on 5 times. However there are also those girls to whom, according to them, it was just lucky and they got in good families. After end of the contract, the girl or it is prolonged, or find other work and try to be late for short time in this others for Russian soul and Russian mentality to the country, and then marry. There is also other category. They, having learned a foreign language, having gained the diploma, knowledge and life experience, return home