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How to control the reason? Part I - consciousness.

The Consciousness is ability to think, argue and define the attitude towards reality . We are inconsistent

. Our desires are often sudden, impulsive. We too easily forget what we want because though life is perceived by us and in the past, and in the future, we act in the present. We take one step on the road to try to receive the desirable, then we do one more, and then we are captured by the road on which we try. Fight takes. You know how it occurs: fight becomes the most important and urgent purpose, a problem which needs to be solved, and forces out all other purposes from consciousness. Including initial, more important, but less urgent.

There is a good history on this subject.

One person went along the road and unexpectedly came across a wall. Having looked round, he understood that the wall is insuperable, and there is no way back. To it it became so sad that he laid down and fell asleep. Also the dream dreamed this person that it continues to go, and there is no wall. It so was pleasant to it that he decided not to wake up.

Other person came across a wall. Being a person strong-willed and purposeful, he decided to overcome it. He climbed, jumped, hollowed, thought out all new and new ways of overcoming. Gradually the person forgot that once he had absolutely other purpose.

The third person came across a wall and found out that he is not one. He got acquainted with other people, learned their stories, became friends with them. Gradually he so got used to their society that it grieved it to leave them and to overcome a wall. And he forgot about the initial purpose.

The fourth person came across a wall. He understood that forces to overcome it at him is not present. Then he told that this wall and is an ultimate goal of its way, and convinced of it all others. And too . we do not notice

In fight any more how we go astray, we do not notice that the way chosen by us is inefficient. We seek to benefit on this way at most, without noticing that it gives us what we do not want. And that everything went as it is necessary, we should remind constantly ourselves of that main thing what we aspire to, to control the movement on the chosen way.

It is worth understanding an essence of effective control correctly. Control is not restriction of the opportunities, not a clap of on hands at all: Where? It is impossible! . It is the choice realized and weighed; and not just the choice of the best of possible, and creation of the possibility of the choice. Thinking of need of those actions which do to us harm, we involuntarily think and about a possibility of their change or elimination, thereby creating new opportunities. We avoid bad thoughts and we foster good, and already one it lifts us one step higher. Eventually, we also differs in that from monkeys that we realize ourselves. We develop.

However there is a wish to develop correctly, otherwise it is possible to assimilate to the unlucky treasure-hunter who dug a hole is three steps more right than a chest . Our brain is similar to the automatic machine without the " button; Vykl and if not to specify to it at least the approximate direction of the movement, it or will work in itself, or other people will find ways to cope with it for us. Here just such case when the choice is small.

How to control consciousness? It is simpler and more interesting, than it seems.

1. We are proud of ourselves.

This first and necessary condition. Be always happy with themselves. You - the evolution purpose. You person, vyindividualnost, you unique person. You are arranged so that in any situation you look for the best version of its decision. You aspire to the best. You have unlimited opportunities and constantly learn to apply them. You have nothing not to love, you - the most perfect organism on Earth, and you continue to be improved. Everything that you need - to specify a little the direction of the advance and to check it.

And when you decide to begin, try to remember - control should not be total. Rigid control is, probably, the worst that can be. Efficiency never, under no circumstances can replace humanity, and the observed mode should not become voluntary slavery. When we build the house, walls can be as much as thick, but it is obligatory to eat a door in our house, on that it and the house. It is worth controlling what needs improvement.

2. We criticize the decisions. I consider

Ya that self-criticism is not recognition of the mistakes or public repentance at all. If we recognize that we were mistaken, then we will think of the mistakes as about problems, and about ourselves - as about their source. All our affairs, tasks and the purposes will turn into problems. From where we will derive strength for the solution of this never-ending stream of problems and why then in general to solve them?

Self-criticism - just understanding of the choice which is provided to us. In something this understanding even contradicts usual because does not recognize existence mistakes . It is such view of the world in which the " position is unacceptable; not so badly could be worse . Absolutely on the contrary, not so well could be better we are worthy the best, and not " at all; normal . Of course, it does not mean that we have to all be dissatisfied. Does not mean and that it is necessary to climb here from skin to receive for itself a maximum of possible. At all not. Be happy with themselves and the life. But think towards improvement.

3. We unload consciousness.

This third, but the most important condition. Our consciousness keeps in itself at the same time about 7 - 9 objects, no more, and we are not able to control subconsciousness yet. Therefore something can be lost. That it did not occur, everything is the best of all what we do not think at present of, to unload outside. It is possible to use, at will, stickers, daily logs and crosses on a hand, telephone reminders and computer programs.

Computer programs, especially a web - services, in this plan are most effective (I use such program), though are not always convenient. However, improvement of comfort of programs and the websites - business of time, soon everything will improve. Habits should beginning to be developed already now. By the way, if you use the website of School of Life, so you already have one habit.

4. We set the reasonable purposes. the Reason, unfortunately, does not work with

by the principle what will you be having? . It does in accuracy what we specified to do and not that we want to receive. And then we are angry with ourselves because we could not receive that we meant! As R. Bendler, one of founders of NLP, " wrote; until we find something like the car for cleaning out of brains, I think, you should be limited to yourself. And it is not so bad as you can learn to use the brain in more functional ways . Statement of a specific goal and definition of steps for its achievement - very functional and pleasant skill.

5. We watch emotions.

Re-read this point once again and strong doubt its need. This most dangerous and disputed place. Emotions - the only manifestation of our humanity, and excessive control can make us not such at all with what we would like or our relatives.

Re-read and reflect the second time. It is more important to control emotions, than to operate money and time. In a temper the told word can spoil career or destroy a family, and the sincere smile - to serve as the beginning of success. Emotions are ours " weapon; and them, as well as any weapon, it is necessary either to be able to use, or not to use in general.

6. We operate time.

of Emotion it is more important than time, but time is the most expensive. Time is our life. Every second, each hour exhausts its stock, forcing to reflect about big and eternal. Without understanding of pricelessness of time life has for us no value as it is possible.

On what you spend the time? How many it for nothing vanishes in transport traffic jams, after-dinner working hours and talk on duty? Try to count at least one day, and these figures can terrify you. Remember: you have a specific goal and are sure that you are worthy bigger, so what you allow the life to flow away through fingers?

We - the evolution purpose. We are people, we are identity, we are unique persons. We are arranged so that in any situation we look for the best version of its decision. We always aspire to the best - in it the law and a riddle of our nature. If we remembered it even more often...

However, the last just in our forces.