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How there live soldiers of the Bundeswehr?

Live the German soldiers of Armed Forces of Germany (Bundeswehr) well.

The rank is higher, the it is better than a condition of accommodation and food. So, the beginning soldiers live in barracks on 2 - 3 persons with all conveniences (a toilet, a sink, a shower). There is an Internet connection, a restroom with the TV, a sofa, the refrigerator. Those who served 2 years are transferred to other barracks. The one-room apartment with all conveniences is provided: with the refrigerator, a sofa, a bed, a table, the TV, a case, a chair, a chair, desk lamps.

Besides, to the one who passed course of the young fighter give the personal computer or the laptop for occupations. In each barracks there is several cafe with the reasonable (reduced) prices. In the same place there are gaming machines with cigarettes, drinks and condoms.

Food for all identical - three times a day. A breakfast with 6. 00 to 8. 30, a lunch with 11. 30 to 13. 30, a dinner with 16. 00 to 18. 00. A hot lunch every day, a hot dinner two times a week.

In spite of the fact that in Germany paid phone calls, soldiers can call on a military network free of charge. However private conversations are not welcomed and all have mobile cell phones.

We will remind that in 2004 in connection with the accounting of the changed norms of public morals the new provisions concerning homosexual and heterosexual couples in department of the Ministry of Defence of Germany were adopted. The German military personnel consisting in intimate relations can live together.

Military of the Bundeswehr are given 4 complete sets of a form on a season, and also sportswear, sports shoes (for the street and the hall), a sleeping bag, various bags, a tie, etc. The underwear (an undershirt, a t-shirt) and footwear upon completion of service should not be handed over back, they can be kept or thrown out in a special dustbin.

According to pupils from the CIS countries, in Armed Forces of Germany the program is sufficient interesting: a practical training with the latest equipment, theoretical training with application of technical means, offside events on doctrines across all Germany, to France to mountains, to Belgium (to Brussels), to other European countries, and also a trip to the USA. Besides everything interesting tours, diplomatic receptions, holidays, etc. by

According to forecasts of experts if in 2006 the Bundeswehr could count on 450 thousand recruits, in 2009 - only on 400 thousand young men of military age, and in a year - no more than on 350 thousand are conducted. One of problems - a demographic situation in the country, i.e. falling of birth rate became the main reason for decrease in number of recruits.

Besides, the number of the recruits recognized unusable to military service because of excess weight in high gear grows in Germany, as well as in the USA. In their 1995 there were 12%, in 2000 - 18%, in 2006 - 36%. Moreover, the main contingent of recruits natives of the former GDR made the last years. Now nearly a third from them are inhabitants of east regions of Germany while their number does not exceed 20% of total number of residents of Germany. Other part in armed forces is made by the representatives of the Muslim countries having the German nationality in the country and living in the country at least in the second generation. They not only join ranks of the servicemen, but also play an important role in an increase in population in Germany. In Berlin and in other big cities the percent of Muslims already practically reached 50.

Seeking to solve a problem with completing of armed forces the Ministry of Defence of Germany is interested in involvement of women on military service more and more. Already now in the ranks of the Bundeswehr there are about 9500 women. At the same time they can be trained in any kind of military specialty. In the future the share of women in the Bundeswehr will reach 10%