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From where legs at " grow; new Russian grandmas ?

... The people adored this hilarious couple. When grandmothers Avdotya Nikitichna and Veronika Mavrikiyevna were shown on TV, above the territory of the Soviet Union there was such laughter that, probably, and in space it was heard. There are no actors who embodied unforgettable images on a platform - Vadim Tonkov (Mavrikiyevn) and Boris Vladimirov (Nikitichn), - for a long time with us. But remember them and speak.

Vladimirov played the old woman in 1958. He acted then with Ardov`s monologue The Grandma on soccer . The audience sobbed from laughter, observing as the man with a kerchief on the head talks profusely about something an old-womanish voice. Then Vladimirov used the found successful image once and created a comic duet in which he invited Tonkov. So the simple-minded old woman Nikitichna had a girlfriend Veronika Mavrikiyevna - the pretentious elderly lady in a ridiculous hat. Tonkov said that he copied it from the aunt - the hereditary aristocrat. (From memoirs of the widow of Vladimirov).

the Duet really was memorable, sketches - short and amusing, images - characteristic. The names which are well corresponding to images: Veronika Mavrikiyevna is the old woman intelligent, but with a chudinka, and Avdotya Nikitichna is the grandma national, rough. Plots of small sketches were various, sometimes topical, sometimes just amusing misunderstanding, mutual misunderstanding of grandmothers set thinking... There was a set of jokes where worked Mavrikiyevna and Nikitichna - characters really were national.

The duet was long popular, many years acted, however the attentive viewer with grief watched evolution of images and plots. Originally Mavrikiyevna was though somewhat eccentric, but reasonable and educated, and Nikitichna often just did not understand her statements and intelligent expressions, peretolkovyvat everything in own way, tore off Mavrikiyevna and was trapped. Also laughed at it : the ignorant and rough grandma despises scientific and clever. Mavrikiyevna, on sensitivity, did not correct Nikitichna and in general behaved refined. That is became flustered before rudeness.

Gradually there was a list: To Mavrikiyevna authors put in statements more and more senile nonsense and affectedness, and Nikitichna - so-called worldly popular wisdom. Also laughed already at the silly weak-sighted intellectual who does not understand simple things, bothers such nonsense as sensitivity, is afraid to make the remark - here the silly woman (gy... gy... gy... - creaking laughter Nikitichna).

In suits there was an evolution too: in the first years of success Vladimirov`s duet - Tonkov acted in usual suits, only Mavrikiyevna threw an unfashionable gas scarf, and Nikitichna tied a kerchief. In total! Other effect was reached by actor`s game - the audience saw on a scene of old women in image. Then their began to dress already in a feminine way, in a dress and a skirt with a jacket. It was the step backwards too... But the main thing - the humour fell, jokes became more primitive, any absurd and generally - nonsense of Mavrikiyevna who already did not understand at all what around occurs was beaten. Nikitichna was an example of common sense. Thus in the people the thought that intelligence sensitivity and education - unnecessary troubles moved ahead.

over time the success of a duet came to naught that was promoted much by a fatal illness of Vladimirov and the alcoholism accompanying it. We will not condemn him, everyone meets inevitable death as it has enough forces, and not exciting to judge it.

But a situation - the double-dealing fellow when men represent old women, did not forget. Now relay was intercepted new Russian grandmas . Frankly speaking, I very seldom watch the Russian television therefore even I do not know surnames of performers. Specially did not watch them, but several times got on their television concerts. The hall roared from a laughter. Also I looked - some time. But it is short: impression of the third-party viewer - full poverty. Comical, ridiculous woman`s clothes, an aping, primitive imitation the senile movements and a voice - all this, we will tell directly, not the highest class.

And the maintenance of sketches (all that I saw) in hundred percent of cases is reduced to one: as it is ridiculous that old people are ugly, poor, ailing, badly hear, seen, a lot of things are forgotten and not all understand. Even more ridiculously the fact that old men are ill much are much treated - and doctors and nurses drive them, are rude to them and advise quicker to clean up on a next world . However, it is very ridiculous? there is no

? How is not present? And what you them watch and laugh?