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How raise children in Germany?

In Germany, as well as in any European country, the state very seriously and responsibly approach a question of protection of the rights of children. It is not a joke any more, it is reality: children file a lawsuit against the parents. Children know about the rights . Teach it already in a garden. Therefore a lot of things are not permitted to parents. For example, the first, children cannot be beaten, offended, shouted, punished. It and is correct!

In - the second, children are very spoiled. Parents have no time to take care of children or they just do not want to play with them. Many adults allocate to themselves at least once a week in the evening to go to cinema, to theater, to discos (even to whom in 40 years). As a result, in many families of Germany not parents order children, and on the contrary . Besides, many children consider that in the absence of the nurse parents would find for them more time and quarrel therefore with the nurse.

In the third, the longer the child does not watch TV, the better for its health, experts consider. For this reason, many children (and in 8 years too) do not watch at all TV because the house or it is not present, or parents include only when children sleep. In spite of the fact that there are children`s channels, only some allow to watch TV - 15 - 30 minutes a day . Try not to go to movie theater with children. According to the aforesaid, children almost whole day of the house: play toys, draw, practise music or on circles (in sports sections).

As it ridiculously sounds, but practically each well-founded family (or that who has an own house), has a personal playground, pass - the pool and everyone plays in the sandbox (for example, areas to Blankeneza, Hokhkapm of the city of Hamburg).

If the German citizens live in apartments, without having an opportunity to get the house, then the most active organize municipal actions of collecting financial means on construction of a playground in the yard. Initiative parents together with children with assistance of local governments, non-profit organizations and sponsors find means, buy stock and build a playground. One of conditions is lack of stones, wires, breaks. Sand for a sandbox is bought, is under construction, whenever possible, the lodge or such wooden and metal game constructions that children it is useful and cheerfully spent time on the street: could involve all groups of muscles (to creep, run, climb, ride a hill, to be tightened, climb up a rope, etc.) . However children, as a rule, here can come from this yard. The person, the parent is always appointed, which watches from the house, who on the street, whether all as it should be.

It is unconditional, not all rich and not all well live in Europe. Therefore children of such parents (migrants, immigrants, socially dysfunctional families, etc.) visit the general playground. This circumstance positively affects development of such children: they are independent, are nervous less, are sociable, more well-mannered and at them arises stresses and depressions less.

Unfortunately, in Germany the number of mentally unhealthy people, especially among youth increases every year. According to the Ministry of social problems and work, monthly more than 10% of parents ask for the help psychologists with questions: The Child is closed and unsociable what to do? How to help children to adapt to life? Therefore local governments, public, medical and educational organizatsy developed the whole complex of services in rendering consultations of psychologists, neuropathologists, children`s and teenage psychotherapists and other types of the help.

Of course, one of the reasons the fact that children and their parents are isolated is, communicate with neighbors, with acquaintances a little, do not invite on a visit (with rare exception), there are practically no friends. Therefore if employ the nurse or the tutor to children, requirements to the worker very strict.