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How it is correct to grow thin?

Probably, each woman is sometimes dissatisfied with the figure and thinks of diets. However some diets, it is rather even the majority of them, there is no healthy lifestyle. Those diets which are advised by people from the big screen, unfortunately, often it is too expensive for us.

For many of us to achieve that weight which we want to hold in addition its long time, actually, would not be at all it difficult if not continuous deprivations and the pursued feeling of hunger. Let`s understand together how to control the appetite to hold a figure and at the same time there is the fact that there is a strong wish.

I found the quote of professor of medicine in one good magazine, she spoke: Unfortunately, many women, trying to lose weight, sharply limit the consumed calories, and the number of meals. But as a result, on the contrary, begin to eat more . Therefore in hunger attacks we begin to eat everything, thinking of quality of food a little. Therefore if you want to grow thin, you sit down to a table more often, eat each four hours.

Have surely breakfast! A breakfast - the most important meal at the person. And the one who undereats for breakfast overeats at dinner, besides, from - for hunger. Move more! Any physical activity will yield positive results. Play sports, fitness, or simply, instead of the elevator prefer to rise on foot.

Forbidden fruit is sweetest. And when dropping excess weight constantly there is a wish for something sweet. Hide sweet far away. Only at one darted glance on sweet and on any food, there is a thought at once: I am only a little. The smallest piece . And actually, it turns out absolutely not so. Then we begin to reproach ourselves with it. Therefore it is better to take care of it at once. There is such fact: one plate of muesli equals on caloric content to seven sticks of a frozen eskimo, and one cup of coffee with whipped cream contains nearly a half of a day dose of calories.

Sugar contains almost in all products which we buy in shop. Whether you know that without knowing that, daily you eat about thirty spoons of sugar? He hides in yogurt, sauce, ketchup, marinated cucumbers, sausages, sausage, a fruit drink and almost in all juice. Everyone knows that overconsumption of sugar leads to diabetes. In Moscow, for example, of the people sick with diabetes, every year increases by 3 - 5%. Still: be not fond fast - foot! Not only that it very strongly influences a figure, but also too leads to this illness. The main reason for growth of number of patients with diabetes - small physical activity, irrational food.

However, not everywhere and not always sugar is guilty. For example, fruit and vegetables to which nobody added sugar do not represent any danger to your health and a figure. If very much you want to eat, have a bite apple, banana, as a last resort, eat a small chocolate, than a big hamburger.

Constantly check any diet. If she forbids you to eat more, than two spoons of rice a day, or, on the contrary, allows to eat in the huge portions, refuse her, she will not bring benefit to you. The ideal portion of food is equal to the volume of your handful. Subtract from the diet only 100 kcal a day that in a year to dump 4 kg. 100 kcal are three cookies, or one stick of Twix. Replace mayonnaise with vegetable oil, and it is even better - on olive. Drink coffee with milk, but not with cream, both you will preserve a figure, and keep health.

All doctors chorus recommend sports activities. And they are right. Better than any diets - physical activity. Do exercises in the mornings if time allows, run around the house in the afternoon, you go to fitness - clubs, swim, skate in the winter, eat in moderate quantities, visit doctors once a year; surely you sleep much. The smaller quantity of a dream, than hours 7 - 8 in day, provokes appetite. Control the desires. Before to eat something, estimate your volition, for example, on a five-ball scale: from I will not do without it to I will endure . Sometimes afford a dessert. Constantly it is impossible to behave not only, but also leads to failure. But it is careful! Frequent you should not afford it.

Carrying out all this, you will be able to keep the figure, and completeness or diseases will never disturb you.