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To you to Paris, on business, urgently?

the Wedding anniversary in Paris!

This idea appeared unexpectedly and very much it was pleasant. Having passed through all troublesome need, we jumped out of not as in spring snow-covered Moscow, and appeared on the plane. Flight over Europe did not leave any impressions because of snow-covered overcast and change of interests with internal consumption of a holiday table in inside of the plane.

Having landed, we felt the first joyful shock. On an airfield the gentle grass izumruditsya and tiny balls of daisies grew white.

Having flown by in the bus by toy lodges with the licked lawns, we got to Paris.

We should live near the Northern station, near San Denis. Our way, to the Orthodox Christian, Saint Dionysius. He is famous red lamps about what we read in the reference book when we prepared for a trip.

Eyes of my husband then still lit up almost same lamps and, apparently, gloss promised to be unextinguishable. But, to my pleasure, data on specialization of this area were historical. Now Bois de Boulogne began to use glory of easy Parisian love. Not enough place, probably, became.

Our hotel reminded the profitable house in St. Petersburg, directly from Dostoyevsky`s novel. In a form - a square with a well - a court yard. The elevator in hotel is a separate history.

Imagine office of a case where two Siamese twins moreover can be located on an exhalation. Therefore we went on foot on an abrupt very narrow spiral staircase, in turn. The window of our number left to the yard, more precisely, in a well that, maybe, and not badly. Observed kitchen life of the Parisian inhabitants and the silence was provided to us.

And Montparnasse was near.

In any case!

was near Paris.

The Centre Georges Pompidou there ugly, to

I Notter - I Will give always fine.

of the Subway, twisting holes.

C to them we got acquainted soon,

to go the charter on a pavement,


Dreaming to get home a house Circle. Gardens on roofs

of Rich, expensive houses.

Noise city everywhere here is heard.

Speech of the different countries and cities.

Two Statues of Liberty is visible:

One in the river, one in a garden. there is no

A of Mona Lisa - offensively.

But more I will not go to Louvre.

In Versailles it is cold also wind -

beautifully and warmly Inside.

we in an electric train go To Paris.

Rose by the second floor - wow!

is visible everything to us better From here:

Gardens, at home, fields

the Scrappy blanket as if

Is outspread the earth.

Nazvanye of streets hearing caressed -

Montmartre, La Defense and Montparnasse.

On Eliseysky we walked,

did not frighten also a rain us...

As usual, after time only good is remembered. The fatigue, polished callosities, language discrepancies, the European symbolical breakfasts with croissants left. And again there is a wish, oh, as there is a wish to Paris.

You will be there, give it a hot French kiss.