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How there life, in Germany? Part 2

About libraries

In Germany any city, and also it is possible to find various information on any technical means in some regional libraries (audio cassettes, plates, videotapes, audiodisks, DVD) and to take on the house. The library contains racks with foreign literature (at least 10, an example - the central city library of Hamburg), with modern magazines, newspapers, computer information search, Internet connection. The most interesting that there is even a game room for children in department Children`s literature . Here it is possible to listen to music, to read books, to construct a lodge.

About the museums

the Museums the most various. The federal government of Germany initiated the new program of introduction Family passport at the level of two federal lands (Sachsen - Anhalt, Hamburg). This program provides free entrance to the museums, on exhibitions or discounts for purchase of tickets for any sports, culturally - mass actions for all family members. The museums of Germany provide special service for families with children, namely: carrying out days of births, anniversaries, holidays. Employees of the museum hold games, a blitz - polls during excursions for children. Besides, in Germany it is accepted to carry out Night of the museums . Since the evening till early morning, in a certain day it is possible to visit all museums of the city under one ticket. Municipal authorities will organize night free buses along a route of the museums (for example, as in Cologne). Every year the number of visitors grows.

About movie theaters

Viewing of advertizing at movie theaters lasts at least 15 minutes (from 15 to 45 min.) .

About transport

[Buses in Germany is a convenient comfortable transport with soft seats, with the " button; Stop practically on each hand-rail, with the automatic voice announcement of each stop. Besides, both in buses, and entrance to transport with nurseries and wheelchairs is provided in the subway, and also there is a place for carriages in transport.

About city holidays

Municipal employees of each federal land of Germany try to increase authority of the cities, competitiveness of the organizations of the concrete territory. According to traditions of Germany each city will organize the action. So, pass Day of Beethoven in Bonn, the Carnival in Cologne, traditional October festivities Oktoberfest in Munich, Night of " theater; and Night of cinema in Hamburg.

About discos

the Youth from 16 years often visits discos, night bars, parties. For example, in Cologne, directly since Monday! Besides that students also to study go! Besides, on Tuesday - free entrance for students on many discos. Youth lights . Several bottles of beer or still that more strong is also possible to hang out . Not all dance. Many just look. Come off when properly drink. Well, and if there are to a dance floor burning emotional foreigners (students on an exchange), then present reaction of local population! For 5 or 8 euros as in advertizing and to listen to music and show to look and to get acquainted! I will notice that with 21. 00 - 22. The 00th hour on a dance floor music of different styles and the directions begins.

As a rule, it just several dance halls, a son of lumiere, cheerful di - Jay, is a lot of to people and poor waitresses with full trays of beer which personally deliver the order to each client through all crowd. Ah yes, contingent of visitors too different. Not that it is accepted, but girls seldom in a disco can be seen in skirts and on hairpins. The clothes will be bright, beautiful, but convenient for dances.

On the disco there is an acquaintance and to drugs. Therefore IF YOU LEAVE In Germany, be VIGILANT IN DISCOS. I will give an example. In Germany constantly on TV show similar reportings! And correctly do. Danger essence. The little girl is invited to bar. FREE OF CHARGE (and it is a rarity for Europe) suggest to choose drink and imperceptibly throw a tablet. It is disconnected. It is taken away fast on a car and have a good time . Then it is left... There are such consequences. Therefore in the cities and communities the social " program is realized; Anti-narcotic discos . The police constantly keeps order and behavior of youth, carrying out raids, especially in the large cities.

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