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Than political processes 30 - x are instructive years?

of Political processes in 30 - x years 20 - go centuries, before S. M. Kirov`s murder at establishment of tyranny of Stalin were a little: after Shakhty business in 1928 - m of (about wrecking in mines) - the first experience of the direct guide of the leader of actions of OGPU, followed Plot of labor unions and Business of Industrial party in 1930 - m of, Plot of Mensheviks in 1931 - m of, Case of sabotage of 6 English electrical engineers and group of the Soviet engineers in 1933 - m of on which the Russian defendants confessed to commission of the thought-up crimes.

On them - that the scheme of later false indicative political performances was also fulfilled. On them it is possible to track as step by step retaliatory bodies moved in the direction of absolute submission to the secretary general of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) as his tyranny and revelry of lawlessness as gradually the People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs turned into the obedient tool of execution of any whims of the leader were approved as guardsmen began to receive privileges for the devotion different, apartments the best, trips abroad, salaries special, rest houses, sanatoria, hospitals

Before murder of Kirov was still Ryutin`s business, one of colleagues of the secretary general who was furiously protecting it in 1926 - m from new opposition . Trotskyists were crushed then, but six years later the member of the Central Committee Ryutin opposed already Stalin, having conferred on it responsibility for a difficult economic situation of the country and the violated justice.

He called for removal of the secretary general, and Iosif Vissarionovich on the Politburo already then demanded his arrest and the death sentence, however for execution of the daredevil there were not enough voices from - for objections of Kirov, Ordzhonikidze, Kuibyshev. Nevertheless all, signed Martemyan Ryutin`s letter, and also Zinovyev and Kamenev, knowing about it, but not informed " party; were expelled from All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) by the Commission partkontrolya. To the eighteenth congress of nobody from objecting Stalin will survive. There was a party fellow, leader of all times and people except the roughness noted by Lenin, the person vindictive and very vindictive

In October, 1932 - go Mr. Ryutin was sent to serve ten-year sentence in It is top - the Ural political insulator, and in November in Stalin`s apartment found shot his wife, Nadezhda Alliluyeva. For clarification of circumstances of her death it was necessary to appoint at once commission of inquiry, having discharged Stalin of the secretary general position. However party fellows amicably started covering it, having composed lie for the press about death from pneumonia, not thinking that they promote the statement of tyranny, being at the same time witnesses of the event discrediting future dictator.

Party fellows of the " did not bring; owner - began to accompany its Jesuit bents, its contempt for human lives for the sake of unity in the movement to a main goal, and also for the sake of own wellbeing, and uplifted it on a pedestal of the absolute monarch. And leader of all times having approved in reliability of the oprichnina, began to play in live chess with a smile destroying human lives, following Machiavelli`s advice: Sovereigns, when business goes about fidelity and unity of their citizens, should not be afraid to pass cruel .

On strange coincidence, since 1934 - go years both dictators - Stalin and Hitler - will begin to deal shortly with the former adherents openly. Date on June 30, 1934 - go years will terrify the Germans who allowed to the power of fascists. The mad bloody tyranny covered their country at night long knives having shown that power was seized by the terrible primitive giving orders to kill also enemies and close friends, the hands molded the Fuhrer, helping it to come to the management, witnesses of his cowardice, unscrpulous life. By this fatal year at both tyrants despising human lives repressive devices for physical extermination of dissidents will be already ready: Hitler has a Gestapo and Vaffen - CC Stalin has a People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs and the prosecutor`s office headed lawyer Vyshinsky, ready to cook any custom, absurd affairs.

According to Walter Schellenberg, Since 1929 - go years Stalin instructed the German communist party to consider the main enemy not National - the socialist party of Hitler, and sotsiat - democrats to support the German nationalism and to oppose Germany to the western bourgeoisie . Had not a presentiment smart leader of all times and all people that he should be at war with nazis soon.

For now father of all people since 1934 - go years, as well as Hitler, begins to destroy witnesses of unseemly events of his life. In day of murder of Kirov according to Stalin`s order the directive on punishment up to execution of all suspects of terrorism conferring unprecedented powers to People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs was published. After the confidential circular of the Politburo in the country mass psychosis on identification of the terrorists and spies guilty of failures of great party began.

104 conspirators from Leningrad accused of death of Kirov were immediately shot. List of " group; Leningrad center Zinovyev`s supporters which the imaginary murderer Nikolaev allegedly entered, was formed personally companion Stalin, and all group after short court without protection was on December 30, 1934 - go is destroyed.

In January, 1935 - go Mr. Zinovyev and Kamenev became participants of political process and capitulated to Stalin, having agreed with accusatory formulations about political responsibility for murder of Kirov, adjoining on instigation . The court sentenced Zinovyev to 10 for it - ti, and Kameneva to 5 - ti to years of prison. Stalin was dissatisfied with a sentence - he execution waited also for oblivion

Than political processes 30 - x are instructive years? Retaliatory bodies were included into submission to one person possessing the huge power - oprichnina was formed that at an absolutism of the power meant the organization of criminal community. The person directing retaliatory bodies, the great leader put at the head of Committee of party control that was not at small screws any illusions about justice

And approved in the USSR Stalin`s tyranny - from connivance, concealment and deception for the sake of party expediency. Soon only Iosif Vissarionovich will define whom from old Bolsheviks to execute and whom to pardon, samolichno establishing plans enemies for areas and the republics

A still the ancient thinker, one of seven wise men - Solon - warned: When the tyranny is approved, to cope with it much more difficultly - you remember it, dear friends, take care, but do not drop self-respect...