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Who called You Hurry to do good ?

Doctor Gaaz Fyodor Petrovich (Haas Friedrich Josef) lived in Russia during an era of serf slavery at government of two tsars: Alexander I and Nicholas I. He was from the small German town, in twenty two years received degree of the doctor of medicine, studied diseases of eyes at the Vienna professor Adam Schmidt and arrived to Moscow by the invitation of the prince Repnin to work as the doctor. Friedrich Gaas hoped to return several years later to Vienna, and there was in Russia for the rest of the natural

a German on the birth, he in perfection knew languages - Latin, Greek, French, but did not know the word in Russian. He was very talented and vigorous, never charged a fee at poor, got huge practice in Moscow and quickly grew rich. In 1806 it gratuitously and successfully treated eye patients in Preobrazhenskoye the Ekaterina`s bogadelny house for what it was appointed the empress the chief physician of Pavlovsk hospital and in 1808. it is awarded by the Vladimir cross

It was considered as one of the most dear and wealthy doctors in Moscow, but war with Napoleon destroyed everything.

Doctor Gaaz entered field army and reached Paris, and then went on the homeland to Germany. It had big relatives, and she persuaded him to forget about society with serf slavery, but he did not obey councils and returned to Moscow burned, plundered by war. One year prior to Decembrist uprising, in 1824, doctor Gaaz was appointed the chief physician of the Moscow prisons, and to it the terrible world of the conclusion and references to penal servitude opened. He was shocked by human sufferings, tested the strongest remorse and ceased to live for himself ...

Gaaz will reconstruct on the money prison hospital on Vorobyovy Gory, will strive for cancellation rod (an iron core to which exiled prisoners were fastened) and will replace heavy shackles with lungs ( gaazovsky ) sheathed by cloth or skin. It will open hospitals and schools for children of prisoners, to redeem serfs, to petition for pardon, revision of affairs, the obritiya will strive for cancellation universal (for women). It will begin to be called: Saint doctor

The doctor had special respect for the Russian women, admiring firmness of their spirit, a feat of unconditional love of wives of the Decembrists who went to Siberia and subjected himself to terrible deprivations. Charity Saint doctor irritated imperial officials, and took away a position of the chief physician of the Moscow prisons from him, but to stop it they could not do good deeds while heart of the devotee fought

the Russian writers and publicists on a miscellaneous treated the identity of doctor Gaaz: A. I. Herzen called him the foolish and damaged, L. N. Tolstoy - the philanthropist, N. K. Mikhaylovsky - the person of keen intellect and educations who turned in one walking compassion I. V. Kireevsky and his brother P. V. Kireevsky - the person fine, great in his reckless philanthrophy F. M. Dostoyevsky - the noble person, the devotee of good and humanity: on the earth there are a lot of noble people!

Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky was much has heard a lot about Saint doctor - he stayed four years on penal servitude in Omsk a jail after replacement of the death sentence on business petrashevets On December 22, 1849, and the image of the devotee of philanthrophy will be included into its novel Idiot in Notes from the Dead house and in Crime and punishment two resistant spirit young women, Sonya Marmeladova and Dunya, Rodion Raskolnikov`s sister, will become examples of morality, humanity and true beauty, hurrying to do good according to the will of doctor Gaaz

Fyodor Petrovich will live in the small apartment at Police hospital (it was called gaazovsky ) to argue in prison committee, trying to obtain pardon or reconsideration of the case, every week with vsyakoyvsyachina basket to see exiled from Vorobyovy Gory to the Rogozhsky outpost from where Vladimirka began

at the end of life Gaaz bequeathed to publish the works, Address to women and Socrates`s Problems to the philosopher Pyotr Yakovlevich Chaadayev, the friend and the adherent, the participant of Patriotic war of 1812, the Decembrist declared by Nicholas I`s regime the madman for the publication in 1836 of one of the Philosophic letters with criticism of a serfdom and autocracy. Chaadayev will endure

Saint doctor for three years, its days will end in a year after Nicholas I`s death, in 1856, but Address to women will publish, other work of Gaaz, Socrates`s Problems will get lost

Saint doctor addressed sensitive, sacrificial soul of the Russian woman, speaking about love and compassion: The Love and compassion live in heart of everyone. The evil is result only of dazzle . As the will to all mankind the words turned to the Russian women sound: You Hurry to do good . Hurry, dear women, disdain humiliations, insults and disrespect, hurry!