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As Levi Strauss invented the riveted overalls to a " belt;?

If you were born in the sad afternoon on February 26, 1829 the sixth child in second marriage, and your father is called Hersch Strauss - it is yet not an occasion to sprinkle the ashes on the head! Even in spite of the fact that you were named a name of Loeb! Eventually, it more harmonious is always easy to change in something, for example, Levi!

Yes, the family always lived very poorly. But nobody ever will take away two things: lucid mind and existence of mysterious America! Speak, there are so much gawks that it is possible to do business of air!

And existence almost of a poludyuzhina of elder brothers and sisters is one more greatest plus. By then, as you will feather, they will understand for a long time, than it is better to be engaged on life!

Approximately young Loeb Strauss who went by one of the ships of Europe to far coast of the United States so thought. But the reality turned out not such bright as it was represented. Both elder brothers living in New - York, though had a manufactory on tailoring, but did not prosper. And not that not was are glad to the brother, but not too indulged him the attention, having assigned a part of the errand boy.

For luck young Levi in America the gold-rush burst. But do not think, for God`s sake, what the boy decided to potter about hands in ice water! He decided to be engaged in more usual thing - trade. of course, he on the deck of the ship which went from New - York to coast of California did not linger

I. Selling the fellow travelers everything that providently took from the house - sewing accessories, needles, threads, thimbles, tacks etc. All kinds of people By the end of travel the guy had

only big cut of unbleached linen at which none of passengers even looked. But also so the clever little boy had an initial capital - about twenty - thirty dollars.

On arrival in port, Levi Shtross (as he called himself by the ship, we got used to Levi Strauss more), waited for cruel disappointment! If he did not hurry, then here, in California, gained for the junk of time in three more. But it, at least, had piece of unbleached linen approximately in seven arshins! And here he will not sell too cheap! it is easy for

to tell! Here, ashore, this material caused not bigger interest, than onboard the vessel. And then someone threw Levi interesting idea: But whether not to go to you to camp of gold diggers? Perhaps, they will also sew to themselves from a canvas of tent!

- Yes to you, guy, straight road to a mental hospital! - the first huge seeker of gold met in camp, did not select expressions. - I have on trousers a latka on a latka, all the personal belongings will be lost soon, and you about some tents!

Bright Levi did not become puzzled.

- And give I to you trousers I will sew! Tomorrow I will bring!

- Well - well, - grinned the big fellow. - But only look if creep away, I you will put on a bum!

Prospect to carry out all life on the soft place so frightened the poor boy that he decided to make secure. And for this purpose in the place of each seam it banished the whole two lines! And absolutely it to be pleasant to the first client, sewed such quantity of pockets in which all gold of average American bank could go in! And the main thing - painted unbleached linen indigo color! Very practical color.

Trousers were pleasant to the gold prospector! And when it appeared in them in the local bar, his frequenters even opened mouths from surprise. Also just the same trousers wanted.

I twirled a roundabout! But why to itself to prick a needle fingers if it is always possible to employ tailors? Strauss and made! The first production lot of new trousers was available for sale just in the middle of the century, in 1850. Also they cost the ridiculous sum - $1,46. But at Levi always the principle was on the first place: Let`s give to the country of coal though small, but there is a lot of!

And about one founder of a manufactory never in life forgot - to patent any navorot on panties! Double seam, metal buttons, rivets! Yes unless you will list everything?

, by the way, too comical history happened To rivets! If constantly to climb in pockets, than gold miners sinned, fabric gradually creeps away, and in corners of pockets. To it Strauss`s attention was paid by the modest tailor from the State of Nevada. He also told that he for strengthening of fabric rivets rivets. Purchase ideas Levi cost 200 dollars! And Jacob Davies (I suspect that he from the birth had other name too) was invited by the founding father of campaign to head one of branches!

However, and did not forget about Levi`s relatives! One of them - Jon - headed east representation of campaign in New - York, and the brother-in-law David Stern worked with Levi hand in hand.

Strauss managed to become one of the most dear people in the city which became to him to the family. Besides own business on tailoring of trousers, it became the founder and the treasurer of the Chamber of commerce San - Frantsisko, the director of Nevada Bank, couple of insurance campaigns and power firm. On it the financial aid to the Jewish community, children`s shelter and Nursing home kept. It had everything, except unless wives because he was married to work!

Levis did not manage what, with success did David Stern with the sister Fanny, presented to it at once four enterprising nephews. And the uncle acquainted all of them with family business.

He died on September 26, 1902, having never learned that its three decades later to the riveted overalls to a " belt; will give more practical name - jeans. Quite so seamen from Genoa in far XV called a century the trousers. But British pronounced the word Genoa as Gino from here trousers were also called jeans.

I especially did not know Levi`s old times that at one of auctions in this 21st century the Levi Strauss jeans made is much later than the first, in 1880, were sold for 46532 dollars!

Levi Strauss did not know all this. But in day of its funeral, despite Monday, any office, any enterprise, any trade tent or shop in San - Frantsisko did not work. The city grieved! And nobody could even imagine that on jeans dishonest people practically in all points of the globe will be welded on. But it is, as they say, absolutely other history