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Why jewelry is necessary: as with what to carry?

throughout long time researchers continue to argue on what appeared earlier: clothes or jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings ). Why these how some men will tell, trinkets - knickknacks, are so necessary for a fine half of mankind?

From history

the Attire of ancient people was plain, uniform on a cut, and was necessity. With jewelry the situation was differently. They were turned for show to people around, served as a sign of social prestige and an embodiment of material welfare. As the researcher E. Elennikova in the book " writes; Art to put on from century to century decoration of women bore symbolical loading - the more expensively, more valuably, material is more skillful, the social standing is higher. To the person they or not - it was already minor question, jewelry were descended, as a rule, . according to experts on fashion, today modern taste defined to jewelry only one appointment: to emphasize beauty of shape, to serve as decorative addition of clothes, to create harmonious style.

The Best friends of girls are diamonds you Know

, I have one acquaintance in whose collection the whole heap of any kulonchik - busik - strings - remeshochok - chains - ringlets - perstenyochok etc., red, black, claret, leopard generally, all colors of a rainbow. It would seem, to be lost in all this the rich range, it is possible in no time An, no! It so skillfully selects jewelry to the dress, be it something sports, daily or, on the contrary, festive, elaborate what involuntarily you ask a question how it manages it? Very often we are afraid to experiment with jewelry not to look a New Year tree or not to resemble a crow whom and pulls on all brilliant and poured, and, maybe, and in vain Sometimes the most expensive suit or a stunning evening dress without accessories look on - orphan, and here the string of pearls or a lovely brooch can even create stylish shape at the most modest dress.

As with what to put on? The easiest to decide by

on the choice if to proceed from character of fabric, degree of its ease and purpose of clothes. Than it is easier and cheaper, especially easy and cheap jewelry is in harmony with it.

1. Fabrics with it is emphasized with a sports bias (jeans, plashchovy) demand additions of more strict, with prevalence of geometrical motives, from metal, cupronickel, silver, a tree, skin, ceramics.

2. Business woolen fabrics (jersey, flannel) are good in combination with the same jewelry which is suitable for sports. The neighbourhood of semiprecious stones is allowed: rings, earrings, necklaces from impenetrable and translucent agate, turquoise, a coral, tiger eye etc.

3. Transparent fabrics the tenderness gravitate to the same lungs, refined invoices with a silky surface. Combinations of sapphire, aquamarine and chiffon or crepe de Chine and pearls are good and harmonious.

Buying this or that ornament, it is necessary to be absolutely sure that it will only decorate you and will not spoil at all. Before getting the pleasant thing and then and to put on, estimate whether your dress supplements ornament, whether corresponds to appearance type, age, build. If you are not sure of a faultless condition of clothes, cosmetics, a hairdress, do better without jewelry.

It is very important to remember that style of jewelry is closely connected with age. Accessories heavy and expensive are incompatible with shape of the young girl: massive gold rings, large stones, bulky earrings - suspension brackets. To the contrary, the funny nature, originality of superfashionable knickknacks will badly be coordinated with a serious face of the adult woman.

And do not forget Coco Chanel`s precept yet: If you want to be elegant, replace quantity with quality, and always from put on you it is better to clean still something, than to add .

Be beautiful, lovely ladies! Let your eyes always shine and shine with happiness as the most expensive stones!