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How to attract Big Money in the life?

When we shout Money - money just runs up to us!

Today we will talk about money. Big Money which will be enough for you to realize all your dreams (if, of course, it is possible by means of money).

So: The very first steps for arrival to you Big Money.

1. Define that money means to you. Perhaps, you just are afraid of Big Money? Money for you good or the evil? If angrily - Big Money is for you a source of Big troubles.

2. Creation of a high self-assessment - your foremost duty in relation to. You love yourself. You are a unique personality. There is no another such on light! If you have a low self-assessment, it can always be changed to the best.

3. Repeat about yourself positive statements about money, for example, " more often; To me money " just sticks; also try to submit this picture vividly. The more often you will do it, the better.

4. In each of us the genius sits. It is necessary to believe in it only!

5. Define the Most important purposes of your life. You will spend that Big Money which to you will come for them.

6. Program the subconsciousness, behave as the rich and successful person. No, as Very Rich and Very Successful Person. Represent that you already have All was wanted.

7. Protect yourself, at least partially from negative information (at least from yellow the press) also try to find more positive.

8. Even if to you it is uninteresting, try to learn more from the world of finance, business, investments For a start it is possible to read popular articles about house finance. Also it is useful, and probably you will become interested in more serious money.

9. You come into expensive shops more often. Believe, the feeling of awkwardness and constraint at you will pass soon and it will be just interesting to you to do it. You come into any expensive shop with a confident look and be not afraid to ask sellers the most foolish questions. In the course of communication constraint usually passes.

10. Make the step-by-step plan for achievement of each of the Most important Purposes of your life. Step-by-step - means, each step has to be feasible!

11. Never trust the one who says that at you nothing will turn out . It will not turn out - it only someone`s opinion. Someone`s, but not yours!

12. Important issues are carried out before urgent! It is so easy to wallow in trifles which will take away from you EVERYTHING - time, energy, money, friends Important issues are those which bring closer you to your Great Vital Purposes. Onivypolnyatsya in the very first turn!

13. Big Money - heavy responsibility. If you are afraid of responsibility, Big Money will never come to you!

14. Perceive any failure as a godsend!

15. Look for an opportunity to earn always and everywhere. Good luck always chooses the one who is ready to a meeting with it!

16. The main strength of the person - a habit! If you bring up in yourself a habit to achieve any objectives, you will always reach it!

17. A habit to postpone affairs for later - only a habit. And, as any addiction, it is possible to replace it on useful - to solve problems at once in process of receipt.

18. And main thing! Act! Without action EVERYTHING simply loses meaning! Act with belief. At you everything will turn out! And having executed everything that you considered necessary - praise yourself. You give the most expensive gifts to yourself.

19. And most, MOST IMPORTANT!!! Begin to carry out these Elementary steps right now! Not then, not tomorrow, and right now!!!

So, the first, we define that money in your life means. I Wish

good luck. I know, you will be able!