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Who solves our future? Ourselves, or...

We come to this naked world. We have nothing, except primitive instincts. Also there are we against the will. We as if are made. Little depends on ourselves in the first years of life, to be exact - nothing depends on us. Our existence, till a certain moment, is defined not by our own desires, thoughts and the purposes. We are not individual in lump similar. For us all solve, except ourselves, and we are surrounded by such circumstances in which we are powerless something to change. Our life is subordinated to a certain schedule and rules which were to us and to which we are obliged to follow. But these rules - whether are correct they? But whether we have a choice?

We are taught what it is bad to eat and that it is good to eat. But, besides, from a position of those who were to us. To us blindly repeat what was told by someone, once and for some reason. But whom and why the fact that it is told whether also everything can be considered truly true and correct was told? We cannot know it since those who teach us do not know it. We have to trust everything only blindly.

We are programmed as it is favorable to the majority, society, the state. We only part of the general program, - a certain element, a mechanical part, - carrying out that set of functions that are put in us since the birth by those traditions, doctrines, belief, culture and circumstances that developed at the time of our birth where we were born. And we have to accept such state of affairs, without reflecting (we just have no choice!) to accept as something indisputable and natural.

Perhaps it and is not bad. As they say, you know less - better you sleep, and any problems. And that in many wisdom there is a lot of grief and who multiplies knowledge, multiplies grief So it is Bible Eklessiast correctly noticed - if wisdom and knowledge is a grief and grief, then on which they to us!

Having matured and having faced a set of troubles and problems, - from zhiteysko - household to morally - human, - we begin to think of correctness of the programs put in us and we understand that not everything is so smooth and correct how we were taught. Our identity which already independently begins to correct the gained knowledge joins, changing our idea of values and world around in general.

Someone writes, someone drinks deeply or is on drugs; someone indulges in despondency or has on the contrary fun with all the heart; and someone it is simple plyuyot on everything, without trusting in as without seeing in anything sense, going down a watercourse of life and turning into the finished egoist and the cynic. And, in bigger weight, people do not comprehend meaning of life, its values both again and again bring into world similar, repeating a mistake of the ancestors : live as taught, aspire to on what showed and teach the same the children. Already many centuries. How many years to mankind, and are better to live does not become, it is only worse.

Really for hundreds of years it was impossible to learn to live, equip the life, to agree with each other and to create, develop the stable, arranging all scheme of our cohabitation on this planet? We are separated. Everyone for...

Someone from politicians speaks about development plans and claims that the general benefit can be reached in 10 - 15 years. Ha - ha - ha! And what, earlier nobody thought of it? What, people needed several thousands of years of tests and mistakes that now, for such short term, at last, to something to come? I do not trust! Because until common goals and interests of citizens, the states, and people in general differ - stability and get prettier lives will not be. Before, it is necessary to agree about common goals and tasks, to decide on the direction, to place priorities and to realize as a result, all of us want of what and as we will reach it .

It is possible, but it is very difficult. Therefore it is difficult that there are a lot of people in power who think in the same way and are afraid of changes; which of fear to lose saved up, acquired and for them stable, will interfere in every possible way with creation of imaginary, in their opinion, general benefit, skillfully using modern technologies of a befuddling and zombiing of those who can prevent them in aspiration to personal enrichment and the power.

Here also it turns out that our life, life and destiny are defined not by us, but someone who thinks for us for the good to himself !

And many it arranges, behind ignorance of the better lot. At least, until this someone sometimes, throws up to us a piece more with pleasure yes more fatly from the table that we occupied with absorption of a tip did not think and did not dream of something the best and bigger. The same who realizes all this, thinks so: I all the same will be able to change nothing. And why I? One man is no man! Better I will adapt to these conditions, I will adapt, somewhere I will cave in, somewhere I will endure But I will try to tear off to myself a piece more fatly (all so do !) and there - as God willing. Life is short and better now I will receive though something, than then it is unknown that! And I will try to change something - all the same will not understand, will not estimate, will not support and just will not give. Only to myself worse I will make. And so, you look, something also will fall intermittently

But then, my dear compatriots, do not complain!

Life fight? All people animals? The quantity of money defines degree of freedom owning them? Better a titmouse in hands?

These slogans is closer to you? Then do not grumble if to rob you, will oppress, will gather, will dismiss, will not cure, will not give a salary etc. Everyone for yourself and you have no choice. And everything that I tell is not important. Because all have one fate and wise dies on an equal basis with silly

And that the reputation is better than expensive color . ; and that complaint is better than laughter because at grief of the person heart becomes better . ; and that heart wise in the house of crying, and heart silly in the house of fun . ; and that it is better to listen to accusations from wise, than songs silly . . All this is vanity and languor of spirit . which, except awareness of our own nonsense by us, any more give nothing.

It is so best of all to be silly, but, perhaps, rich, now, than wise and rich then. Because any then it is not the fact, and the present now - it is reality, let and silly.

And let Eklessiast was both rich and wise - each to their own. And to us and it is so good!

Or not?.