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brutal vacation of

of WARNING! In this article abscesses are opened!!

If I suddenly, with violent gloss in eyes, in public declare: AH! As it is good in Turkey! And as in Egypt - that is wonderful. isn`t that so, citizens?!!! about 85 these % here of citizens will tell that yes, a pier, certainly, magically, a pier. And it is expected. These two badly the hot countries without doubts perfectly fit into default model the kurorta:agressivny sun which is cruelly whipping the ultra-violet prominences any anemic meat getting to its radius of defeat; their bodies are tenderly washed by boiled water of suspiciously pure sea waters terribly similar to the osteoporozny old geezer the internal concentration of salts and minerals (the upset suitsidnik gloomy sigh); swarty tugopuzy natives and their passionate females; in a set there are also foolish palm trees, shopping of market type (which is so hotly loved by the Slavic nation), smart hotels with smiling doll staff`om (for dollar of tip girls from room service are nearly ready to suck away. you insert dollar into a special crack for notes, you open a cranium, you press on a panelka a button with the necessary function. well you know. almost like coffee.) and " systems; all inclusive (you thump and you have a snack with 11 to 23, with breaks on a catharsis in the chlorinated pool), alien food (from which xenophobic stomachs immediately begin to clench painfully and threateningly to be kicked). Well, in principle, what is necessary. All are happy, all laugh. But not everything is quiet in a kingdom of macaques and hippopotamuses. It will be told by me, having mischievously and a little mysteriously smiled.

Actually, in what salt. Recently it was collected in a heap and (not that it is wide, but.) one curious information is published. According to the eyewitnesses who were the direct victims of cheap and popular rest, chernoroty natives (in the majority), without having managed to pass an imprinting with the pseudo-European culture and the western capitalist decay, and inflating from feeling of the national importance and feeling of a geological sobstvennichestvo as to nobody the necessary drowned man, assumed the humpbacked airs up and began to stand up for the rights. In own way. Brutally. As heroes of criminal TV series speak, the LAWLESSNESS BEGAN STUPIDLY.

Considering the fact that the person as the look, having a certain consciousness, possesses also a certain imagination, it is quite clear what vector was found by this phenomenon at such skotolyudsky race. Besides, the benefit was on whom to clear up. Rage degree in these atrocities, by itself, also varied. It is possible to begin though with banal hop - stop which elements are probably transferred with DNA, brought already to perfection, comparable and with our nation. The same can be told also about fraud. Nearly art of a qualitative nayeb. Seriously.

But all this trifles. Nevertheless money means to people less, than the favourite carcasses. And nevertheless, on the solution of this problem, both at Turks, and at all other blood-thirsty southerners, absolutely special complex of services is directed. For example, only for the minimum fare itself can crumb wonderfully a tailbone, rushing with a breeze on the mountain serpentine by slow bus, and in end of an attraction to die, the turned body smeared on asphalt to a condition of paste its. Overseas hotels can also brag of very various relaxation program. Beginning from magnificent numbers with the dirty, upholstered walls which are scurrying about to and fro bugs - cannibals and the pools filled with YOUR sewage, finishing tender animators, lovingly you lulling and kindly cleaning on bodies. The local population, as strengthening of international friendship, developed extensive culturally too - entertainment program. For example, for one married couple was a surprise when they in one sunny day were connected in their number by unknown, and then began to beat with maniacal diligence. This procedure continued also after a transpotrirovka of their blood-stained bodies in some hangar. For preservation of an intrigue the reason of such behavior was not disclosed. Are open for persons interested to be furiously raped also all doors. In dark lanes and deserted parks queques of persons interested to profit fresh flesh are built. And dirty young children with hooked penises, and the scattered old men at whom there only on time it was necessary to possat. That, probably, the southern temperament affects. The police department, among other things, provides a " package; Maternal . One here happy using won a pleasant bonus, having gone to jail to the shitty and embittered golovorezka. And the kid - her little son got into a chamber to smelly pedophiles. The result is clear.

And it is not the full list of pleasure actions which can offer you the benevolent southern states. So, citizens if you are absolutely NORMAL, standard human beings caring about health, worrying about the life, not suffering from rushes to a suicide and self-damage, then you remember old children`s precepts; You do not go, children, to Africa to walk. .

Also do not talk to unfamiliar uncles.