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Franz Kafka sits at a little table of the favourite cafeteria and phlegmatically looks at a cup of the cooling-down coffee. He did not make of it still a throat. He has no place to hurry for a long time. Not remarkable young man with a notebook in hands approaches its little table. This is not the waiter. This is the journalist. Hello, the journalist says. He speaks: I am a journalist. It to a govorit:pomnita, we agreed about meetings. Zdravtsvuyte, Kafka says. The journalist govorit:ya I will sit down?. Kafka tells nothing. The journalist sits down opposite to Kafka and the notebook lays down on a table. He watches at coffee and a govorit: why not beer? Kafka lifts on him heavy vzglad and a govorit:a why without hat? The journalist begins to be nervous a little. It is visible that he began to finger a collar of the shirt convulsively. Well, he says, can we will begin? I have one question, Kafka why you decided to talk about it to me says? Well, you so long here... you live... you have to know much about it., the journalist says, wiping the sweat which acted on a forehead from - for temperature increase of a body which causes the accelerated combustion of nervous cages. Well, ask the questions, Kafka says. The journalist (considerably having calmed down) govorit:itak, Fr. it will be possible to call I you Franz?., that you in general, from height of your age and life experience, can tell about Prague? Well, Kafka says, in general Prague can be characterized even by a banal alphabetic method. So,

Alcohol. Hmm. foolish some word.

Alternative subcultures. It is known that Prague always differed in the high level of culture and absorbed as a sponge, all tendencies of esthetic development from all Europe corresponding to an era. Continues to this day. It is not similar to combine. From polymorphism of structure of the human masses living in the territory of Prague sometimes flickers before eyes.

Architecture. Many times the picked subject but which nevertheless is not losing relevance as such architectural coition of a gothic style, the Renaissance, revival and, in general, all it is only possible really looks impressively, especially, considering a gigantomania of architects of last centuries.

Booze. The booze, despite vulgarity, this definition most precisely expresses this aspect of life of the population. Alcohol - too pragmatic word, and the prazhena treat high-grade drinks more poetically. They are treated by them. And both for cold, and from melancholy. They drink much, but, unlike Russians, treat both the organisms, and binge more respectfully. Their drinks Are really noble. And not Banal beer. Beer - drink of zhlobskiya is also interesting especially to tourists. Bolshego of attention is worthy Bekherovka. This Divine infusion on herbs with tremendous aroma of cinnamon. Truly water of life. Vara Karl`s

. Strikingly differ from Prague. And for the worse. Are filled in with sekretorny juice of the Soviet Union and are similar to huge sanatorium of Soviet period. As well as in CC, interesting nothing is not present. Avariciously and sadly.

of the Thing. Exactly. I speak about criteria of quality. It is possible empirically it will be convinced that in Prague, having taken anything, you understand that it is really the THING!! Anti-hack-work.

Station. You just look at it. As impressively it looks against stations of other states which choke in technocratic race. As these statues which darkened from time threateningly look. Here again, the quality checked by time. yes. still I look at it and I cannot take away eyes.

Gothic style and Grotesque. I mean that mood, that atmosphere which reigns in the city. Beginning from climate and weather conditions, finishing with blood-thirsty gargoyleys on eaves of houses.

Democratic character. Yes, democracy celebration. Free flight of consciousness. Nobody controls the behavior, and all to spit on each other tricks. And, in my opinion, such eradication of a spletnichestvo also is a sign of high culture of the nation.

Gender discrimination. Very curious aspect. Especially, if to know history of formation of government and though a little bit to trust in the law of natural harmony and compensation. The matter is that in due time in the Czech Republic there was a matriarchy reached by cunning, and now the female population, so to speak, pays for meanness of ancestors. Besides in very peculiar way. For example, in public bathrooms they pay a little more expensively.

Food. If to be expressed more precisely, then ZhRAChKA. Come into any tavern and look at these portions. Not prepared humanoid is not able to eat simply so much. Though, if the speech came about food, I want to notice that coffee here, unfortunately, is very bad. Extremely. Good coffee here - a big rarity.

Jews. It is hard to remember, and still with some difficulty in due time it was necessary to Jews here. But again, the nature has an effect. The people - the martyr rose from the ashes as the Phoenix. And, as it is not surprising, now the Jewish quarter is the most prestigious and respectable. The richest in the city.

Driving. Or how it is correct now? journey? generally, the suburban system of transport reached just grandiose comfortableness recently. At trams certain roads. Uniform system of travel cards whose payment monitor more, than not strictly. The principle of valid relationship between drivers and pedestrians. Many visitors fall into shock.

Suddenly Kafka becomes silent, watches a couple of minutes at a cup from coffee which he did not touch, lifts up eyes and govorit:mozht will be enough. bored me. Of course, of course, the journalist speaks, finishing the last note in a notebook. It govorit:dlya me already great honor. He govorit:ya even did not hope. He hasty gets up and govorit:eee. then good-bye. more true. well you understand. Then it is awkwardly developed and begins to leave. Here he hears again a voice of Kafka which a govorit:a still, the young man, in this city is the bridge of suicides. Every year about 45 people jump from it. And the government cannot affect it in any way. But it so..., Kafka says. not for record.