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bared a prvoda of Emotions?.

the Germ of this literary trash began the genesis in a creative womb of the author absolutely incidentally. Once, for expansion of borders of the knowledge, it zbratsya in Worldwide network with the purpose to find for as much as possible material on such already quite widespread and popular cultural phenomenon as EMO. To be exact to reveal its metastasises in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Collection of information was carried out by a deduction method - from the general to the particular. The phrase " became a starting point; emo in Russia gathered in a search box of Google. As well as it was supposed, by this inquiry information flew in abundance. And with bright examples. It demonstrated rather active cultural integration of the Russian Federation with the abroad (in what, actually, never doubts arose). When narrowing borders to the level of Ukraine per se it was already possible to argue on unconditional promoting of EMO. But when business reached that private which was EMO of the Donetsk sample, the author was captured by esthetic shock. The searcher persistently issued references on Electro - Metallurgical Association.....

Roots! bloody roots!!! (clinical record)

to realize a phenomenon emo it is necessary to try to track where conduct its roots. Let`s try to go deep into history of this term.

United States of America. After Minor Threat broke up at the end of 1983, bright a hardcore - the punk a scene of the District of Columbia which rose in 1981, beheld manifestation of fresh and unusual ideas within the sounding established the DC (District of Columbia) hardcore. Posthumous seven-inch plate (7 ) from Minor Threat, under the name Salad Days left in 1984, and drove the last nail into a coffin the DC hardcore - the punk. Over all country of group began to think of what else new can be made in their music. D. R. I. and Bad Brains began to move " aside; " metal; New - York groups began to stir up tough - guy mosh, 7 Seconds directed to alternative fate, under the influence of U2 music. Transition to melodious fate, not losing feeling of the punk was the main change in the District of Columbia. 1984 should be celebrated an album " exit; Zen Arcade from Minneapolsky group Husker Du. Their material showed the newborn sounding including the evil and energetic vocal accompanied with the vigorous guitar courses passing to a slow rate and also more difficult manner of the tekstopisaniye intended for a melodious vocal.

Spring of 1984 the new collective Rites of Spring consisting of participants of The Untouchables/Faith and Deadline was created. This collective keeps the speed and madness of the punk, but brings absolutely new approach to a vocal in the music. The vocalist of Guy Picciotto, adhering to the punk - manners, goes deep into an emotional state during execution of the lyrics having personal character from time to time. Its voice was strained in high points on hoarse and passionate groan. Songs of group touched upon subjects of the lost love and the dying memoirs. Now the vocalist and the drummer of Rites Of Spring participate in Fugazi.

The summer of 1985 becomes known as Summer of Revolution as the new wave of the groups practicing on fate - the speed based on melody with really singing vocals, is created from huge number DC the punk - musicians, for example Three, Gray Matter, Soulside, Ignition, Marginal Man, Fire Party, Rain, Shudder to Think and t. . A small amount of groups kept the fast sounding based on a hardcore - the punk, but brought new vocal approach. The most known of these groups - exceptions are Dag Nasty.

Ian Mackay, the vocalist of Minor Threat, sings in group under the name Embrace. Its texts carry emotional coloring in which he is engaged in a heart-searching. In the musical plan of Embrace, Faith which is mostly consisting of the former participants, writes music on average speed, with a large number of guitar bottoms - the moments. Mackay`s vocal kept the " trademark; and only occasionally brings casual sparks of emotions. Nowadays he is well all in the same Fugazi.

Sounding of all these groups eventually becomes known as classical DC sound . The part of them was for fun called emo as reduction from the word emotional . As reference point of emergence of this stamp it is possible to consider interview with Ian Makkeyem in known the punk - to Zina Flipside where for the first time and this mot was mentioned. Soon after that the DC groups received pogonyalovo emo - core . A bit later, in 1986, some groups begin to concentrate directly on emo - element of their creativity. The Hatred group from Annapolis (near the District of Columbia) were the first who began to do it in a post - Rites Of Spring an era. Soon after that, in the same city the Moss Icon collective appears. They go deep into the core emo - an element, adding a set of the confused and melodious guitar courses to the music, being focused on loud / soft dynamics. Their guitarist participates in a large number of various groups, such as Born Against, Lava, Universal Order Of Armageddon etc. later. In 1994 thanks to an exit of a debut disk of Sunny Day Real Estate group (under the name Diary ) emo became known to a wide range of listeners. At the same time it underwent considerable changes in the plan of music - became more slushabelny, influences of other styles, such as grunge and India - fate affected ( independent fate ) . There was a set of groups similar to Sunny Day Real Estate in style - Mineral, Christie Front Drive, Braid, Boys Life etc. Thus, thanks to these groups of emo got to rotation on radio - and TV programs.

At the moment emo strongly became stronger in youth culture, there are more and more commercially successful projects, such as The Used, Funeral For A Friend, My Chemical Romance, Thursday, A static lullaby, Blame it on Rio, From Autumn to Ashes and so forth, but on sounding they are already far from initial emos - collectives...

Let the music play.

To bring EMO - music under any stereotypes it is very problematic. The matter is that the few understand that EMO, in fact, only the prefix signaling about excessive emotionality of giving in music, lyrics, behavior. Yes in anything! Who can argue that the opera is emo?

A concerning whether to consider Deftones of emo - group, in general in a network are developed grandiose fights. And though in it absolutely any personally I do not see sense, the fact remains.

If it is strong to try, then it is possible to isolate which - what criteria of estimation. Melodious guitar parties, an easy vocal which gradually mutate in a maniacal, hysterical impulse with the subsequent attenuation. By the way, creation of composition quite often happens absolutely on the contrary. The lyrics is extremely poetical and interesting, and its subject is simply boundless and capable to include any experiences and all range of possible paranoid supervaluable ideas. From not developed Ardent Love with the pimply schoolmate Natasha to ideas on practical utilization of the planet.

Once again I will repeat, the stylistics do not give in to a specification owing to the versatility and a variety. It is also tearful - snotty Dashboard Confessional, and mad Fact and Fall of Troy, and psikhodelichny At the drive - in shattered into not less sick Sparta and The Mars Volta which are mercilessly destroying all possible templates... all not pereschest. For rubezhy them already, probably, millions. And they propagate as bacteria. In it, in general, there is essential minus - a high probability of the fact that style will become obsolete soon. But, if to meet one major condition - originality, then immortality is guaranteed. As guarantee of successful manifestation of an individualnsta also hybridization, than many groups can serve and are engaged. Melodious emo and rigid emocore mix with the jazz, India fate, " metal; the priest - the punk, a noise, folk, grayndy, a techno, crust etc., etc. The imagination of representatives of emo - a scene lost control for a long time, and rushes forward as the mad locomotive, carrying all barriers which appeared on its way to chips. So on this world the new styles united by the word " were given rise; emo - screamo, spazz - core, brutal emo, emoviolence, emo indie rock, etc. It is difficult to describe sounding of many these directions as they not always give in to easy judgment. Also difficult, as well as to describe the feelings from listening of this music.

Dress - code.

Any musical direction develops own clothes style inherent only to it. Emo it was not an exception to the rules, and moreover, develops in this direction much quicker and more interestingly, than it occurs in a punk / hardcore - community. By the way, representatives of the last constantly use fruits of the inexhaustible imagination of emo - scenes. Here some attributes of appearance emo - character. Welcome to the mad world emo - fashions!

- Emo Romulan hairdress (the thick, painted in black color, grease hair have to be cut shortly off in front by the razor and cover a half of a forehead. In the same way hair are cut off highly on ears.)

- Actually, any the grease, painted in black color hair. By pieces in front, side curls behind and on ears, plus are disheveled. Slanting bangs hold the HUGE authority (are often painted in other, than on all surface of the head, color).

- Hairdresses in " style; afros and - la of Karp, At The Drive - In, The Mars Volta.

- Whiskers.

- Points in a horn frame, or, at least, in a thick black frame.

- Heavy slacks, usually very dense and short.

- Old man trousers from polyester.

- Thin jackets from polyester, very small size (with the top number of buttons and a collar). Also undershirts of the children`s size with casual slogans on them, or with sports numbers on a back.

- the Same tight undershirts about a heavy-metal - design (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead). It is desirable a little shabby.

- Presence at clothes of clothes or exclusively pink color, or in combination with others (especially cocktail black + pink).

- Undershirts and sweaters in a horizontal strip (no more than two flowers are desirable).

- Tennis footwear (low Chuck Taylor or konversa Jack Purcell).

- Vintage sneakers.

- Scarfs

- Jackets of employees of gas station. This counter was widely adopted in recent years, having not really long served exclusive for emo - children. Now itself can also find a good jacket from velveteen.

- Will be suitable classical outerwear for the street, in the form of a coat. For example, popular Blue Peacoat.

- Hairpins.

- Cosmetics (man`s or female).

- Close jackets and sweaters with v - cut.

- Trousers from a black denim have to be sprained no more, than twice.

- Trousers from the " series; working clothes . As a last resort, velveteen is allowed.

- the Jackets sustained in earth tones, and also brown gray and is dark - blue color. One - two stripes.

- Wallets with a chain, but even more abruptly - a big ring for keys (style of the door-keeper).

- Kengurukh with a metal zipper.

- Proklyopanny belts (different flowers) and wristlets.

- Anoreksichnaya leanness.

But it is not necessary to think as if it is that standard to which it is necessary to adjust itself. After all emo is similar to a mental state. And the illness can only be simulated, but not to develop. And those who, let us assume, will go after reading on a diet and will start going to fitness will differ all the same from anorexics who really suffer from - for the frustration. So. be yourselves, motherfuckers!

P. S.

The material given above in spite of the fact that it is pretty informative, would be same underdeveloped as the seven-months child if initially did not assume any perspective. And everything is not so cloudless.

We will start over again generally. Apparently, infektivny properties of emo - a phenomenon destructively influence its fundamental ideology. As a result emo kids of the whole world irrespective of whether they play music, or stupidly imitate the idols, aktsenirut attention on many moments which perverted. I give primer:chity lyrics of most of emo - teams (as it is not sad, but in most of Russians), you begin to revolt to ugliness and wretchedness of subject. Love and snivels with sugar. If some boyz - the band undertook guitars, it would turn out. He agrees, emo is a romanticism. But there is nothing to confuse aggressive romanticism to sugary sentimentalism. Perhaps, for someone parting with the female - a grandiose shock, a stress and shock. But causeless brutal murders, dismembered body, attacks of an amok and self-damage much more emotionally. And many poseurs in general think more of the tremendous bangs, than of music.

In Donetsk as I already noted, the situation is not less in any way, than catastrophic. About what emo there can be in general a speech when at turn of the head on the left the look rests in cloned patsik abidos " completed with dermantinovy jackets and sports pants; from a market and at turn to the right - in not less numerous and fabulous potlatches which fashion is international, and act as its main categories leather biker jacket demi-season berets and camouflage trousers? Antiquity and any prospects. And uniform group which would play at least something similar. And the problem all consists in disgusting information support. In Donetsk there are no such specialized shops as the same Petersburg Farshmag . And in those which are, goods, in absolute majority it is directed to target audience which wallowed in a govnoroka, a rap, hev and other rubbish. Surprisingly, but at us even industrial did not arise though all prerequisites on a litso:uzhasny ecological situation, continuous plants and technologization, low welfare, urbanistichny landscapes. As you can see, at such - that conditions, strong, heart-breaking emotions will be enough for all. Yes here only with such educational backwardness as in Donetsk, our emo will begin to gain steam when already becomes obsolete around the world and it samopoglotitsya just. However, as always.

The most striking examples of emo - " groups

; emo - Moss Icon, Native Nod, Still Life, Hoover, Milemaker

emocore - Embrace, Rites Of Spring, Split Lip, Four Hundred Years, SOG

french emocore - Fingerprint, Jasemine, Vanilla, Anomie, Amanda Woodward

screamo - Orchid, Funeral Diner, Joshua Fit For Battle, Circle Takes The Square, Page 99

San - Diego hardcore - Heroin, Swing Kids, Iconoclast, Antioch Arrow, Angel Hair

emoviolence (the most extreme form skrimo) - Union Of Uranus, Shikari, Tristan Tzara, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Jerome`s Dream

emo indie rock - Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, Cursive, Pop Unknown, Monochrome

pop emo - The Used, Thursday, Early November, Time Spent Driving, Finch

emo punk - My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Fall Out Boy, Near Miss

metalcore - Haste The Day, Atreyu, Raunchy, Bullet For My Valentine,