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How to make so that life fell in love with me?

In this world everything reciprocates each other. The flower wishing to be pollinated opens the juicy petals and emits nectar. The bee with pleasure tastes this nectar and, happy, flies on other flower, informing it of valuable pollen - a life concentrate. And now present what would be if the floret suddenly grew lazy and did not want to produce nectar? Or would take offense at the sun which here specially to spite of it hid for a cloud, and it would be closed by petals? The bee who is flying by by just ignored it. And, in general, it would be right because beeches have nothing to breed, producing similar a beech and baddies.

can Live differently.

Is possible for passively , and then at you will be little.

Is possible for actively , but forcing the world, imposing it that, in principle, and it is not necessary to it, or it is not necessary at all. Then life will go one-sidedly. It is not excluded that the success will be, and considerable, there will be money, there will be mistresses / lovers and " Mercedes;. But there will be no main thing - pleasure of life and harmony of happiness. Life - it as the woman, it is possible to take it roughness and violence, but here only so you will not win love.

In my opinion, can be authoritative, and can be and is not present, it is necessary to live so that actions it is constant to win love of this world . And if to believe in the principle of reciprocity, it becomes obvious, as the world then will fall in love with me and will open all the riches without exception.

A how to win his love? Likely, besides, needs to arrive how you treat the beloved / man (the love is uniform in all the variety). To try to guess desires, to be sensitive and attentive. What (world) is not enough for it now what disturbs him?

there is not enough love, beauty, sincerity, the truth? And aggressions, show off and steepness as it is above the highest floor.

And what is world around? It the people surrounding me, at home, the cities, so? So why don`t I treat other people with attention and understanding? Why don`t I try that business which will really bring benefit to both others, and me? People who appeal truly speak - find your own exclusive mission, that business which you will love, and devote yourself to this business! Truly speak because so lived the life - following the way, and, so being in harmony with the world and life.

You represent how it would be wonderful if each work from all their variety was performed by that person who does not think of himself out of this business. As far as rolls which we buy in shop would be more tasty, doctors would become how more friendly. And if to present that you come to any social establishment, and there instead of the angry aunt you are met by the smiling woman sincerely WISHING YOU to HELP!

Everyone can live moderately the fact that his courage allows it.

I do not think that it is worth agreeing with those who claim that the world is bad that anything - anything not to change us and it is necessary only to vegetate on others boondocks the rest of unfortunate rapid life.

Let to themselves think so. This their right.

But we - that with you precisely know that the world can be decorated and changed, having begun, for example, with presenting each other a smile! :)