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How to watch teeth in the city of

statistically, teeth are ill at more than 90% of the population, and since children`s age, and in much bigger degree - city dwellers. But the effect of violation of an ekoblans in a city cycle can be weakened, without resorting to doctors - tells my own experience about it over the 30 - yu (two wisdom teeth did not grow though I am 40 years old), which already to 16 years or for 50% of a problombirovana soon, and from 3 - x - nerves are removed. By 25 years stomatologists unanimously designated a floor - a mouth of artificial limbs. Having decided to work, I managed to stop and where it it was already impossible - to slow down cardinally carious and other destructive processes.

At first - about some delusions

1. Teeth spoil always - such ecology. Nonsense. Teeth spoil from - for wrong leaving and use - just as any, strongest thing for the same reasons spoils. The Russian doctor and the writer Veresayev wrote to the Notes of the doctor at the end of the century before last (!) approximately following (in a free statement). Nine of ten Europeans are ill kostoyedy teeth (and you thought, we support from - industrialization?). The situation when at living people bones decay (teeth - the same bones) became normal. Perhaps, it is all about food? Teeth are calculated on rigid (mainly vegetable, I will add to great Veresayev) food at a moderate or cold temperature. We eat either too firm or too soft, too hot or hot together with too cold. But some others are for this purpose necessary, absolutely other teeth, but not these are Veresayev worries.

2. It is necessary to brush teeth in the afternoon and in the evening, only toothpastes. Toothpastes are a commerce, and they are good and bad. But almost all of them contain various not natural components (washing, etc.) and in a mouth after cleaning you will feel this chemistry at once. It is how useful to leave it in a mouth for the night - I do not know; I think what is unhealthy. Though in textbooks on stomatology also recommend rubbing in of certain compositions of pastes in teeth (it is considered by drawing up toothpastes).

3. If caries began, it is possible to wait until it aches specifically . In tooth it is possible not to pay attention to caries to first roosters - when painful or other unpleasant feelings at a bite begin. Well, it is possible to wait even before emergence of pains from cold. After that - it is instant to the doctor, as if not - there was a wish for it. Because it is the last SOS from tooth - further it perishes and the subsequent feelings are provided by already nervous system in the central channel.

4. The best doctors - in private offices where it is pure mi light-, and weight walk in masks. Where the same experts walk in masks, that in modest state policlinics, plus they seek to have from you more. You have money - they will find ten holes. Also can quite justify any marriage to work or the excess tooth which is picked open by treatment. In this plan the stomatologist as the lawyer or the autotechnician, has one million openings for self-justifications. It is necessary to go to the expert where it worked, and I cannot recommend commercial offices under beautiful names, - it is too much on them complaints.

Now - about prevention

Prevention of tooth diseases requires a regularity and attention, but it is much cheaper and quieter, than visits to clinic. I would break it into such components: hygiene, food, massage, psychology. Well and of course, if necessary, reliable consulting physician, not doing on you money.


Human teeth got used, was so moved, to the raw vegetable food at moderate or cold (to minus 20) temperature, and also to clear water. The nature at the time of designing of our organism did not consider other options. Therefore deviations from ideal conditions can lead to deviations in a dental health, as is observed. From vegetable food, zub_ are not soiled. At once we will note the exceptions known to stomatologists - carry all dried fruits, bananas, a persimmon to kariogenny food, and even some types of pears. In the " list; polluting teeth florae get all her representatives sticking on ?mal and forming a pellikulyarny raid, for example dried fruits. my

rekomendats_ya - everything that is possible (yogurt , cookies, a sn?ka fruktov_a, etc.) to replace with fruit and vegetables. To use them as otedlno, atk and after heavy food - soup, meat, any atm of ragout, etc. At the correct approach, teeth can be not brushed in the days - they self-clean (as well as in the nature). Periodically, it is necessary to carry out tertiary treatment by a toothbrush. To try purity language - if walls of Teeth not polished from nalipa, they should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Special attention - to semi-finished products and grain. Grain generally, as well as vegetable - fruit, is not harmful, but they as a rule are used with fats, sugar and meat. Try to eat just boiled thoroughly grain and you will see that teeth not will be soiled : they are prepared for such food by millions of years of evolution. But in modern, factory grain, stones, bones, pieces of wood come across - flying on them, unprepared (neprikusny) sites of teeth can test excessive tension for compression, and it as it is clear, can lead to development of cracks and other troubles.

About these problems were known still by the ancient yogis recommending to chew carefully any food of a snachala gums, trying on existence of foreign objects, to hold long in a mouth, and only then to chew intensively.

In a rating of the most dangerous foodstuff from the point of view of firm inclusions, the undisputed leader I put sausages. It is thought, not one citizen of the planet broke off teeth on bones, stones or a superfirm vein in a salami or other myasoprodukt. Further, as it was noted, grain, then carefully it is necessary to chew bread and fruit with firm vost (in particular a hurma and grapes). Keep in mind that ignoring of this rule is not forbidden, but leads to quite natural realization nonzero probability that sooner or later your chewing the braid will fly on a stone .

water the Major component, though very hardly noticeable in life. There is an offer following on its consumption.

1. It has to be good - it is possible spring, it is possible store. And it is possible and distilled if it to make tea. About distillate, I drink its 15 years at work so 0,5 - 1 liters, and I can tell that fears concerning washing away of salts from an organism are insolvent. Likely, for harm from distillate it should be drunk, without accepting anything inside any more. And here about thawed snow tell I can nothing positive - experiments on its reception of effect did not reveal.

2. To change water sources. It is clear and so.

3. Not to allow differences of temperatures in a mouth. Not to combine with cold, warm more hotly - with very cold. Teeth prompt it, but most of people of these hints simply does not hear. Thermal expansion - a basis of emergence of microcracks which can be shown absolutely not at once.


to reduce risk of diseases, has to keep teeth and a mouth clean. Caries is not the some harmful microbes hating enamel and a dentine. It is set of the usual microorganisms lodging on sticky sites and in interdental space, and only when there to eat than profit. The pellikulyarny raid - a usual dental plaque which remains after food (after the wrong food, we will specify) means. They get accustomed there, and products of their activity emit slabodeystvuyushchy substances (pyrogrape acids, etc.) which however at regular influence simply dissolve or do friable enamel. Further - a trick: in a time new organisms breed, they allocate even more the shit which works even stronger, and process goes as dig a pit - sometimes in opened, and sometimes catacombs. It should be noted that even at this stage strong immunity allows to slow down very much carious processes, and the hole can develop a floor - lives. But it is dangerous that at the adverse moment such cavity can eat tooth in a week, and the stomatologist will only make a helpless gesture.

generally, it is necessary to clean. Toothpastes it is possible. But not everyones. There were quite good pastes of the " type earlier; Kolgeyt Blenda " Honey; etc. Now under these brands sell unclear that. Looks ridiculously, but it is better than usual Soviet deshyoventky pastes of the " type; Pearls " Balm; and other as on me, there is nothing. As on me, better than tooth-powder there is nothing. If poizoshchryatsya - it is possible to take it, or any nanopowder (talc, a hydroxyapatite), to mix it with salt and vodka. The effective paste, the truth without fragrant smell but which is well cleaning will turn out and even (but this assumption it should be proved experiments) able to heal small mikropolst.

Confirmation to that became revolutionary works of the Japanese chemists, for example Yamagasha who invented the paste self-healing any carious cavity. The effect is reached at the expense of crystallization and merging with fabric. In this regard it is possible to assume that in villages and primitive conditions people have no caries from - for existence on food (apples, bread and dr) the smallest dust which is late in a mouth and partially zastravivayushchy centers of primary damage of teeth. In the cities, we carefully wash away all this dust under the crane.

Can be cleaned just salt as the Dutch scientist E did. Levenguk who opened microbes by examining in a microscope of the dental plaque before cleaning.

Massage, psychological influence and other forms of influence.

About it is as - nibud next time. The subject is big. Demands the separate review.