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How the name influences destiny of the person? We choose a name for the child of

Very often future mothers and fathers long and diligently choose a suitable name for the kid, responsible, hard put this, and it is necessary to approach it seriously, having weighed all for and against . The name given to the person at the birth in many respects defines type of his personality. In other words, the name is an intermediary between a material and inner world. You remember, in the Gospel it is told, by the name of life, but not a name on life ? As K. Razumovskaya in the book " writes; Your guardian angels in interpretations of church, a name is a certain spiritual norm of life of the personality, her idea which the Saint patronizing it expresses most deeply and more exhaustively .

In Christianity name the child at a baptism. It becomes not only at the choice of parents, but also in honor of some Saint (usually that or that whose memory is noted by church in eight days, next to birthday). Thus, there is a certain affinity with the Saint whose name you bear. He becomes the patron of the namesake, and the believing person has to celebrate not only day of the birth, but also the name day - day of the Saint, by name which it is called.

According to scientists, the name influences not only character of the person, but even his health. For example, one English therapist found out that patients whose names begin on letters of the last third of the alphabet, are 3 times more often subject warmly - to vascular diseases. Also the funny statistics is noticed: girls with attractive names badly move ahead on service, and with ugly names have no success in young people. Though, in my opinion, it is pure subjectivity: who will answer a question what names are considered bad, unsuccessful, ugly? As they say, on taste and color . Not clearly and another: what bad is that the person has a beautiful, sonorous name and how it can interfere with your career?

On what the choice of a name for the kid has to be based?

In - the first, it is considered that our ancestors give us a genetic code, and can have significant effect on destiny of the person therefore communication of a name of the child with ancestors is very important . If you decided to call the child in honor of the grandmother, the grandfather, the great-grandmother, the great-grandfather etc., as if strongly you did not like the chosen name, it is necessary to observe big care. The name of the died person who, perhaps, had hard destiny, did not differ in special health or attracted to himself failures can have an adverse effect also on life of your defenseless kid.

If you try to keep up to date and decided to stop on the most fashionable in this generation of a name, then here too there are minuses. Perhaps, now it will also be popular, but whether you are afraid that later some time, having appeared in kindergarten or school, your child will be the fourth Yaroslav, the fifth Danil, the third Polina or unlimited Dasha ? Remember that the chosen name has to emphasize identity of your kid, create a full harmonious image together with appearance, disclose its character, emphasize unique lines etc. Generally, it has to be very best suitable for your child.

At aspiration to be allocated and not to allow possibilities of prevalence of a name, choosing, on the contrary, a name rare , it is also possible to be trapped. Let such names as, for example, Yemelyan or Agafiya sound infrequently that, certainly, is pleasant, but for the little man who very painfully reacts to remarks of people around, a joke of age-mates or a sneer, it will be a serious, and even heartrending experience. The child will hesitate of nicknames which have something in common with his rare name and are rhymed with ugly, abusive words.

According to psychologists, it is the best of all to call the child by the names of average prevalence which help to combine reasonably identity with collective energy and give the chance to declare originally the name. Such person can freely choose an own line of conduct in society and avoid some extremes and a framework.

Let, friends, the choice of a name for your future, the best little boy or the little girl, will be correct and successful, and life of the kid will be bright and interesting!