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Than the bicycle is better than the exercise bike? If you want to use

economically free minutes, to combine sports activities with viewing of TV programs, reading and torsion pedals in rhythms of favourite melodies, smoothly move from a sofa on... exercise bike. (do not forget to accept therein vertical position).

If you the fan more thrills, such, for example, as driving with obstacles in the form of the frightened passersby, podranny knees, a head wind in a face and constantly replaced picture of a landscape, your place by bicycle.

As the type of active recreation, tourism, aerobic training, driving the bicycle has advantages before run in what significantly reduces body weight load of bones, joints, muscles of legs and heart. And, above all, does not mention your mental capacities unless at unsuccessful falling.

Driving the bicycle helps to become hardy, fast, develops ability to be guided in space, including passing by temptresses and after all this to keep balance. Also, she tempers and trains very important part of a body then the rigid chair at your office will seem just a rocking-chair.

For those at whom memories of the bicycle are connected only with the pioneer childhood and schoolgirls on a luggage carrier, we remind the basic rules of driving:

1. Be not confused prescription of years of development of skills of driving the bicycle: they, as well as skills in swimming even after long lying on a sofa, are quickly restored since reflex mechanisms of coordination of the movement work.

2. Pedals (with rare exception) should be twisted forward. At the same time it is desirable to hold a wheel.

3. When driving on a straight line maintain balance by easy balancing of a forward wheel and wheel. The person needs to be made simpler.

4. For deduction of the bicycle in strictly vertical position (naturally, on two wheels) increase movement speed. Gyroscopic (or lifting) force will increase together with speed and will help to reduce tension in a body and on a face, arising when keeping a wheel.

5. To summarize efforts of muscles of a hip and a shin with a pressure upon pedals, establish a saddle on height of full extension of a leg in a knee. (Height of a platform sole and heels which you, probably, guessed to leave at home, it is not considered here). Rotation of pedals with halfbent legs besides not esthetic look, causes fast exhaustion.

6. At rotation of pedals press them forward part of foot and move knees strictly in parallel in the vertical planes. (To remember that it in parallel and vertically, take the textbook on geometry and remember the school program).

7. Choose safe routes of the green space for driving the bicycle. On forest footpaths it is easier to master skills of turns with a moderate radius. If you live in quite crowded place, at your disposal a small lamp and all night.

Notable improving influence is reached at an optimum speed about 25 km/h when the organism functions in the comfortable mode with heart rate not higher than 50 - 60% of a maximum. to

of Subjects, a lump divanno - the serial illness prevents to train 3 - 4 times a week, the big benefit will be brought by longer (on 1,5 - 2 h) cyclings with stops on a smoke break and beer.

The effect of open space, freedom (more true, its illusion), harmony with the nature well influence nervous system, mentality, emotional lift at you, and the main thing, at people around.

And now concentrate: the set of examples of fine adaptation of heart to cycle loadings is warm later - vascular diseases is explained by physiological effect of the muscular pump - rhythmic alternations of reductions and relaxation of muscles of legs which improve a capillary blood-groove regulate venous outflow of blood, facilitate work of heart and ventilation of lungs.

Sound sleep, but not sluggish stickings to darling (by the way, and why it still not with you?), pleasant muscle pain, it is casual (and can and is not present) the pack of cigarettes which took off from a pocket... So can, it is worth trying?