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What do we know about acts of terrorism in the Moscow subway?

Some people, say that, going down under the earth they - feel discomfort and alarm. There is it, even not in crude caves and the gloomy abandoned cellars, and in the lit and pure hall of stations of the subway. Since 90 - x years 20 - go centuries, Moscow was captured by the real epidemic of the inexplicable stories which allegedly happened in the subway. It were also huge rats - mutants and ghosts of the people who, allegedly, jumped off on rails and a lot of things still, but the true danger as it is banal, all - - the person. Such developed network of subway tunnels, transitions, stations etc. as in Moscow, represents the ideal place for terrorists of all colors, bums, beggars and other criminal and antisocial persons.

Acts of terrorism in the Moscow subway began since 1977 - go years, then explosion in the train car between " stations thundered; Izmaylovskoy and May Day . The bomb worked while in the train there was the greatest number of people. This awful accident claimed many lives including children. Actually, at that moment it was only one of three explosions. Two others thundered at grocery store No. 15 of the Bauman district food-trading unit and in a pig-iron garbage ballot box, about grocery store No. 5 on the street on October 25. As a result of only three explosions seven people died, and 37 more people got wounds of various weight. Then guilty persons were caught and sentenced to a capital punishment. However, and mass media were held back the incident in those days and whether guilty persons the presents were - too it is unknown.

The following explosion in the Moscow subway happened 19 years later on a stage between " stations; Tula and Nagatinskaya in the fourth car of the train. As a result of explosion 3 persons died: two women at the age of about 60 years and 50 - the summer man, suffered 16 people, five of them were delivered to the intensive care unit. According to department of health care, among victims - 10 women, 5 men and 1 child - 4 - the summer girl.

On January 1, 1998 at " station; Tretyakovskaya the explosive device worked, 3 employees of the subway suffered.

Then there were explosions at " stations; Belarusian on February 5, 2002 and between " stations; Autofactory and Paveletskaya On February 6, 2004 (almost exactly in two years). Explosion on Belarusian was not such terrible what his terrorists planned. Thanks to the fact that a bomb was planted under a marble bench opposite to the first car and worked for some time earlier, than it was supposed, the mass victims managed to be avoided. Any person did not die and only 9 people got wounds. Civil services regarded it as good luck because the charge as showed a consequence, equaled 0,5 kg of trotyl, this quantity would be enough that with ease to lift the car in air, but thanks to the fact that the marble bench constrained a blast wave and people did not manage to go out of the train which arrived to station yet, everything managed the minimum victims.

To a great regret, the same cannot be told about explosion in 2004, in a tunnel in 400 meters from " metro station; Autofactory . As a result of explosion the car was strongly deformed that complicated work of rescuers. In total in this tragedy 41 persons died, more than 150 got wounds of different severity. According to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, the power of the explosive device made about 6,6 kilograms in a trotyl equivalent.

In spite of the fact that trains of Moscow Metro equipped with surveillance cameras, increased quality of system of supervision and control at stations and each driver at the end of the route bypasses the car behind the car in search of the suspicious things left by somebody, nobody can give a 100% guarantee that similar will not occur any more.

But not only such accident as explosion or the fire, can become a fatal event for passengers of the Moscow subway. Besides subway personnel, various bums, beggars constantly live in it, alcoholics are the people who fell by the bottom. Favourite places for life of these people, are stations of the subway near the station (such as Komsomol Kursk Kiev ) and all ring branch of the Moscow subway.

Not only that in itself, so-called, inhabitants of the Moscow subway represent the doubtful contingent from people of quite criminal character, they are a nursery of various diseases including incurable. Trains are daily checked for availability of the explosive and forbidden substances, but nobody makes disinfection and carries out daily sanitation inspections. There are, of course, various services of mercy helping the people who are not taking a certain residence, but from - for insufficient financings it is only a drop in the ocean. They do periodic detours of places of a congestion of bums, feed them, provide medical care, but as a result people from stations all the same come back to the former place of life.

Then that besides mysticism and mysterious stories, in the subway it is possible to face quite real, but not less catastrophic accident, having incidentally appeared not at that time not in that place or sowing not on that seat in the train