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What do we know about secrets of the Moscow subway?

of the Vault of Moscow, the including huge number of transitions, halls, secret passages and even system of Moscow Metro, probably, societies will never cease to rivet attention on themselves. It and is unsurprising as the stories and legends shrouding these mysterious places tell as if about the whole underground city.

the Main hero of one of such stories is the real underground city which is allegedly built in Ramenki at the end of 70 - x years, by request of Stalin. By hearsay this city created as a huge air-raid shelter, is capable to accomodate in itself 12 - 15 thousand people who will be able to lead autonomous existence within 25 - 30 years. It is possible to get to this city on one of branches confidential The Subway - 2 which, according to stories of the Moscow diggers, conducts to MSU. It passes under a bottom of the Moskva River and is connected with a distillation tunnel of the Sokolnichesky line. As the proof branch of rails can serve it in the tunnel, between " stations; Sports and " University; which through some distance rests in tightly the closed steel gate.

Also " lines; The Subway - 2 conduct in all airports of Moscow and confidential bunkers of Stalin which there is a considerable quantity. One of these bunkers, by the way, settles down under the brisk district of the capital, under one of the Moscow parks. His ordinary workers of a metrosystem who were brought there in the closed iron vans built and forced to work in the conditions of the most strict privacy which respect was monitored by intelligence agencies. They say that from this bunker which was constructed still at the beginning of 30 - x years, Stalin addressed the people in tragic years of the Great Patriotic War.

The bunker is underground at a depth of 18 - ti meters, and has such thickness of walls what now to destroy within its powers unless to a nuclear attack, and in far military years, it was impossible to make it at all. The bunker itself is capable to develop electricity and has even own system of air supply by means of which 70 people will be able normally to breathe during 4 - x days. Many residents of this area still do not guess, what disappears underground.

There are and just stations which were never used, or at least, were never used for designated purpose. One of them is the " station; Volokolamsk . It is between " stations; Tushino and Shchukinskaya . The station intended for inhabitants of the inhabited massif which was wanted to be built on the place of Tushino airfield, but were not constructed.

In general, is information that the network of the subway, represents huge system of civil defense and the subway was under construction as a huge air-raid shelter. Some stories tell about existence of unclear mechanisms in Moscow Metro and that in case of danger of the subway will be remade in the huge underground bunker which, perhaps, will even be able to exist irrespective of the outside world when the population of the huge megalopolis goes down under the earth.

Though if to address history of the same war, we will see that the subway was already used as the huge underground city. Since 1941 - go for 1945 - years of the subway saved lives of Muscovites day after day. It was used as an air-raid shelter, people slept, ate, made ammunition in infinite interlacings of halls of Moscow Metro, there was in it even the delivery room where more than 200 children were born. In the same place inhabitants listened to performances of Stalin who, by hearsay, having used lines of the confidential subway, unexpectedly appeared at one of stations.

Today, according to experts, one of the main problems of the subway is load of it, from abundance of new buildings and huge the number of cars, especially in the center of Moscow. The stations constructed by one of the first do not maintain such loadings and need continuous restoration. It is difficult to present what accident the collapse at station or in the subway tunnel can turn back, in one day this huge industry misses through itself about 9 million people! Plus to everything, each restoration of the designs which wore out themselves and mechanisms of the subway rests against a financial question as money is also necessary also for construction of new lines of the subway which 1 km costs the state 50 - 70 million dollars. Money is necessary also on installation of cameras of system of supervision, and other security systems of the subway and on a salary to numerous workers, at last.

Such huge mechanism what the system of Moscow Metro is, is very difficult to control and watch everything that occurs in its numerous labyrinths. Throughout all the history it played a large role in life of all and everyone, the subway was a saving corner of safety in difficult years of war and a source of various gossips and legends in a peace time. The subway progresses and grows together with other city, accumulating in itself even more secrets and riddles.