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Than Kuznetsov`s ipplikator is useful?

It seems that art possible is at us not only policy, but also medicine. And when the classical medicine is helpless, and there is a lot of such cases, patients with the last hope address sorcerers, healers, psychics or new nonconventional methods of treatment.

At the end of 80 - x in the Soviet Union more than 70 million pieces of an ipplikator of Kuznetsov were let out and 5 million more products are sent to China. In Moscow they were on sale everywhere: in drugstores, in manufactured goods stores, even in " shop; " Milk;. Though it is absolutely unclear: what relation the ipplikator has to milk?! However, maybe, it was the hint? Perhaps pigeon’s milk - a pigeon`s milk meant?

All this was earlier. Now other times, the USSR, in Russia repeatedly - early capitalism, the market relations and the most free in the world insurance medicine forever disappeared. But here Ivan Kuznetsov`s ipplikator remained, despite all peripetias of life and even death of the inventor. You ask: what`s the reason? Give one after another.

It would seem what special is in Kuznetsov`s ipplikator? Just the needles attached on rigid or elastic plates which when imposing cause feeling of pain. But we will consider the mechanism of action of an ipplikator, proceeding from the following experience. Ipplikator needles within several minutes influence an integument of the person on the area of two tens square centimeters (the approximate area of one plate). There is pain. And the painful irritant is very powerful factor in the course of regeneration of any live organism including a human body. Process of regeneration of an organism - a way to treatment at many heavy illnesses. Certainly, there are also other painful irritants which can be used as the trigger mechanism of process of regeneration. It is possible to mention massage, cold or hot water, a contrast shower as an example. However, an igloipplikation - the strongest painful irritant, besides giving in to the quantitative account on force, the area and duration of influence. After developing of pain (even without piercing of skin) in blood of the person there are changes which cause intensive cellular division strictly according to the genetic program in those places where integrity of an organism is broken. All this occurs not only in the place of drawing pain - blood at us for all cages one. Generally, such reaction of an organism is rather well studied.

What to do to the folk healer when to him comes “ difficult “ patient? Likely, to remember, as Louis Pasteur long did not venture to apply the rage vaccine. And only when the desperate scared mother took the little son bitten by a mad dog to Pasteur, the scientist at last decided. Healers say that hopeless patients are not, it is almost possible to help everyone. But this process “ piece “ - to each patient the individual approach allowing to use the hidden reserves of an organism. And the most important - is necessary that also the patient made efforts for recovery.

Most often folk healers use Kuznetsov`s ipplikator at treatment of patients with osteochondrosis, osteomyelitis, radiculitis, at various spine injuries, the heads, extremities. Treat patients with skin diseases, such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, vitiligo, trophic ulcers; carry out necessary therapy at pregnancy. At the same time oncological patients - so far one of the most difficult contingents, and use of an ipplikator of Kuznetsov has to occur together with methods of classical medicine: surgery, the complex and combined treatment.

Certainly, important and the fact that Kuznetsov`s ipplikator can be applied in house conditions. And the price of these prickly plates is not big at all. So, with what to begin?

Any person can apply Kuznetsov`s ipplikator to prevention. There are no contraindications here. Only condition: the unprepared person should not use ipplikator more than two hours a day. Prickly plates can be put in a back, a stomach, hairy part of the head, and also in any problem area. At the same time the patient not has to overcool, moreover, when using ipplikator it is desirable to be in heat. If you fall asleep with the bandaged Kuznetsov`s ipplikator - it is absolutely quite good too.

So if you decided to strengthen health and to raise the immune status in house conditions, then Kuznetsov`s ipplikator is what can be useful to you.


* * *
Can use the same way of treatment at different diseases? It is hardly worth trying to treat castor oil flu, heart failure, red system to a wolf cub and impotence. And in general, as fairly told great, it is necessary to treat not an illness, and the patient.

And still there are treatment methods applicable at the most different diseases. Use of the ipplikator which is thought up by the Russian music teacher Ivan Kuznetsov - one of them.