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What we know about to war of the " formats;? HD DVD against Blu - Ray. The equipment

Practically in any business is the competition. No matter, what purpose in the competition. She is and leads the full life. It covers all spheres of our life. And technological sector not an exception. I wrote about DVD, wrote about Blu - Ray and do not count it as boasting, I only introduce the idea. And so in this article I was going to write about HD DVD, but solved, it does not make sense to write that about the format almost similar to a format to which the whole article on this website was devoted. But it does not mean that I am not going to write about HD DVD. I will write, but in the form of comparison. I begin article about to war of the " formats;.

Blu - Ray against HD DVD the Whole world with a great interest observes

for the most anticipated war of the " formats; our time. And for certain many ask a question what will be an outcome of this duel, to be exact would be to tell, duels which in the set represent, so-called model of the competition which it is accepted to call war of the " formats;. All right, will be enough for me here to philosophize, we will pass - better to a reality.

In what similarity and distinction of these two formats? I Will answer the first moment in this question in what similarity. Two formats considered by us represent representatives of the new line in technologies of our time, namely blue lasers which wavelength makes of 405 nanometers while at DVD and CD it was reached all of 650 nanometers . Such advantage gives the chance to the disks HD DVD and Blu - Ray to write down data, spending smaller distance in pitas (information holes), t. e data recording became more dense and consequently, there was an opportunity to write down the bigger volume of data, than it was before. Though if it is honest, then increase in volume in new disks reached not such and a big mark.

Would like to add that at new formats the protective layer became much thinner that allowed to make better reading and record of disks. And that at you all this normally went in, we will sum up the small result. In what similarity of these two formats - use of blue lasers and almost identical appearance of disks . THEREFORE, PEOPLE, buying a disk, read what on it is written. (For example: Vasya, or Masha... but if nothing is written, then can safely write on it the name, I allow you).

We will pass to the second moment of a question, I remind: In what similarity and distinction of these two formats? So, we already spoke about similarity, we mean, we will pass to conversation on distinctions of these two formats . First of all, this obvious distinction in physical structure of disks of the HD DVD and Blu formats - Ray. Speaking in more detail, HD DVD has physical structure, almost identical with DVD, that much more facilitates release of disks of the new HD DVD format, and it means that time exists the coped, checked technological line, and production of these disks will not take long time, and the most important will not be expensive. But here - Ray I cannot tell it about Blu. Its physical structure completely differs from physical structure of DVD, so and from HD DVD. Well - and, such circumstance will obviously complicate release of disks of the Blu format - Ray, but will complicate, will not complicate, and these disks already release, however, at the price much HD DVD exceeding the price.

Though, you know... Blu - Ray in the technological plan more abruptly HD DVD. For example, if at HD DVD the protective layer and the lens capable to read out a numerical aperture equal to that that it was applied at DVD is applied: 0,6 mm thickness of a layer and 0,6 a numerical aperture, at Blu - Ray: thickness of a protective layer 0,1 , and a numerical aperture is equal to 0,85 . You see, a difference what?! But minus at Blu - Ray was that after increase in a numerical aperture the high probability of the fact that work of data on a disk can be unstable, t appeared. e the probability of dismount of a beam increased by other paths of a disk. But what you will tell, good fellows! Settled a problem! Just reduced thickness of a protective layer therefore solved a problem, and at the same time and achieved reduction of cross hindrances in polycarbonate of a protective layer of a disk. But reduction of thickness of a protective layer, led to the fact that the disk became simply open to injury and it was let out in special cartridges, and then, then the TDK company thought up special protective system from external influence and scratches of Durabis . And no cartridge was necessary.

Further, from distinctions I would allocate memory sizes of disks. Besides running a little forward, I will tell, as here Blu - Ray succeeds. At HD DVD result in 15 - 20 GB on a single-layer disk, on two-layer 32 GB , on three-layer 45 GB . But what to tell about HD DVD if at Blu - Ray on one-puff - from 23,3 to 27 GB , and on two-puff - from 46,6 up to 54 GB . Still are going to let out the disks Blu - Ray with four and eight layers on 100 and 200 GB . Ray are going to let out the disks Blu - in four specifications - of BD - ROM (with factory record), BD - R (with single record), BD - RE (re-recorded) and BD - Data (a computer disk) . And HD - DVD: HD DVD - ROM, HD DVD - R, well and HD DVD - RW. it would Seem to

, here at Blu - Ray pluses main in volume , and at HD DVD in similarity of technology of release of disks with DVD . BUT here - that dear HD DVD developers also faced one problem - with the choice of the registering layer. There is any layer developed before, did not suit new requirements of a format. Because the layer which was applied to usual DVD - R was normally read out only by a red beam and as you already know, for a new format is used Xing - the violet beam which, as it appeared insufficiently sensitive for the registering layer of usual disks. And therefore the best minds of the company - of Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories, Mitsubishi Kagaku and Hitachi Maxell , with the purpose to create more sensitive organic dye gathered. They coped with the purpose with a bang. That, good fellows!

not to tire you, I declare pe - re - ryv! Read continuation in the second part.

I Will wait for you there!