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What is not enough at your office?

Any company represents a live organism and it is any more not news. The company it is possible to present the person in the form, and each person has requirements, desires, interests. In this article I want to tell about some things which anyway influence work of this uniform organism under the name Collective.

As well as any person, at Collective has the house and this house too carries the name OFFICE. Anyway, but at office employees spend the most part of the working hours, the office is that place which from the first steps is seen by the new employee and draws the conclusions about a situation in the company in general. So, we will list three main, but not attendees of an element of registration of office everywhere.

1. Board of corporate training.

2. Message board.

3. The stand with photos.

A now about each of them one after another.

The board of corporate training is necessary partly for the reason that nobody wants to study, and so, at the correct registration, it is possible to achieve quite good results. I recommend to do listings of the A4 format with the main ideas and the main training information, to use excerpts from books and a practical advice from life. It is recommended to print each material at first only on white paper, and later two - three weeks to begin to replace gradually one information of another, newer which will be unpacked on yellow, red and green paper. In everything dynamics is necessary - new color or a new arrangement of material draws attention to themselves.

The font and amount of the provided material on each leaf have to be different, but not less than 14 - go a size. The board works and brings the results from the very first days of emergence it in the company as even if we also want to study, then we do not find for this time, we avoid meetings with books, therefore that it long, tiresomely and is a lot of " waters; and here, please, most fresh useful and actual selection.

Message board. Often employees complain of what all learn the last. What to palter, so it also happens - something occurred, something changed, and not all learned moreover and at the wrong time. For destruction of information barriers the corporate message board is also entered. All information from departments, the management and auxiliary services. Now for the notification about an insignificant event it is not necessary to use gossip hotline it is enough to hang out information on a board.

The stand with photos. It is part of corporate culture. All photos from corporate parties, and also in general have to be presented to life of the company at this stand. Very important: photos have to be updated periodically. On one, two - five but to be updated, otherwise the stand will stop being interesting. As the element of corporate culture, a board shows to beginners as is under construction and there goes life to the companies, and it plays an important role, the new employee builds the impression about the company during the first hours of stay at office.

Also pay attention to one important nuance: introduce each of the above described elements in the company any employee can. The head will only be grateful to you! Though, by and large, this work has to be entirely assigned to department of personnel. Introduce these and other elements and let them bring benefit to your company!