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How to leave live of water?

Reaction to the sun, water and air at all people the most different. For one they are the best friends, and another faints, having stayed on the sun two hours. That from a trip at the sea you had not to be deported in the closed coffin, try to follow several simple rules.

Help yourself

First of all, you remember that if you in senses and yet did not faint, then chances to survive at you much. Besides, often in extreme situations abilities which were not before are found in the person.

But to you it is not necessary to hope for superabilities if you got into drunk water. So drank a shot glass or two - steer clear of water. On the land signs any, even the smallest dose of alcohol are not so noticeable: the slowed-down reaction, unstable pressure, sensitivity loss - including thermal (that is why drunk willingly get into the cold water).

Do not dive (and the more so do not jump from towers) in the unfamiliar place. At the bottom, under dark water, you will be obligatory to be waited the ground piece of fittings or a rusty skeleton of the sunk boat. If you do not drown, then get tetanus. There is such desire? Jump.

Anchor buoys - not scenery, but real border of quiet life on water. Even if you abruptly swim, try not to swim away for them, - if, hour is not equal, will cramp a leg, nobody will hear your desperate cries ashore. And 100% it is impossible to swim away for anchor buoys if you it is simple - naprosto you are not able to swim. That it is impossible to rent a diving suit at unknown people and there is nothing to speak.

Do not approach quickly moving watercrafts. Unlike cars which can you how at most to bring down boats and motor ships have such dangerous piece as the ship screw. Can tighten you a current, the screw to give on the head, - and hi!

If you choked, then try to become in water vertically. Now, keeping balance, it is necessary to clear the throat and remove spasms in a throat, having drunk water which laps at you near by (temporarily forget about its ecological state). From time to time it is possible to leave safely under water and to give rest to muscles of hands and necks. Such process is called float . In such situation, rescuers optimistically claim, it is possible to stay several hours, gradually moving ahead under water towards as it seems to you, I protect.

If you have spasms, there are several ways to remove them: to prick a tight muscle (if you with yourself have a pin, though hardly); to pull on itself a foot sock; to pinch a tight muscle. Ways to bring itself into consciousness were not thought up yet so try not to lose his (consciousness).

If not you sink

Well to do, it is necessary to rescue the friend (familiar, unfamiliar)! If there are no swimming and saving means, then float to it. At once I will tell: the friend will try to drown you. Be not afraid and do not take offense. It is a normal instinct of self-preservation. And you it is polite, but you are firmly exempted from its tenacious capture. It becomes so: you dive under water; sinking will release you and again will begin to flounder convulsively on a surface; if it grabs you shoulders or a belt, it is necessary to rest accurately to it against a chin and to push away. After that it is necessary to turn it on a back, to press his head to a breast and to be alloyed on a back to the coast. As option - swim up to sinking from a back and for hair pull out on the saving land.

Ashore lay the person in a shadow, facedown, that there was water, it is possible to clap on a back. Immediately call rescuers and doctors. If the victim does not give life signs, it is necessary to do an artificial respiration (by the way, you it is aware what to you it was taught at school?) until he begins to breathe independently. Sometimes it occurs only in 30 - 40 minutes.

As the curtain fell follow advice of rescuers: give to drink the sufferer wine, warm as you will be able, and celebrate continuation of life. Or the second birthday that, generally, near the truth.