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Whether it is possible to serve independently 1C:Enterprise 7. 7 ?

So, at you in accounts department appeared computers and - attention! - program of automation of the account 1C: Enterprise 7. 7 . I hope that you got a license program and paid a course for the employees. The accounts department works, the act of the performed works with the firm which introduced 1C is signed. But here this firm begins to hint unostentatiously (or it is persuasive) about the conclusion of the contract for monthly service. Practically all serious firms act this way, monthly service is the guaranteed piece of bread. What to do? To agree or not?

If the firm professionally and surely fulfilled the obligations under the contract and the service sum for you is not burdensome - agree, the qualified maintenance will not prevent. Another matter if the contract is closed with a scratch, performers do not arrange, everything is bad, the payment is big... To look for other firm? You do not hurry, let`s understand what is it - monthly service?

Usually enters this concept: the solution of the arising problems on phone or on the place (if it keeps within the declared number of hours), installation of the updates released by firm 1C, updating of the regulated reporting (for the program 1s:bukhgalteriya), backup and testing of information bases.

Give in more detail. Problems arise not always, sometimes the program is so simple or its so small part is used that it is quite enough learned by heart skills. It should be estimated before closing of the contract - whether often there are addresses to programmers? If is not present, then the need in consultations is not too big. What to do if questions nevertheless arise? Attentively rummage in a box in which you bought the program. There is an interesting talonchik called registration by the questionnaire. It needs to be filled and sent to the specified address. The second part remains at you, there - number of your copy of the program. As a last resort, this number is put down on the title page of each book in a box. Now you can use free of charge the line of consultations of firm 1C in Moscow by phone or by e-mail. All requisites are specified at the beginning of each book in a box set, besides, they can be recognized on the website 1C. For infrequent consultations it is quite suitable.

Installation of updates. In general, why release updates? Our legislation is frequent and unpredictable changes, in programs mistakes are found - all this improves updates. Whether they are necessary? For accounting and calculation of a salary - are vital. Trade and a warehouse are more conservative, here influence of the legislation not too affects. Here the main thing - a configuration, standard at you, or it specially finished for you. In every way, at any opportunity if it does not prevent work, try to remain on standard! If something becomes two documents and is not really frequent, and the programmer suggests to change the document and costs one - hundred times think! Modification of a configuration demands big professionalism and experience, standard configurations are quite difficult, often changes can halloo where and it was impossible to present. As a result some standard mechanisms cease to work, reports are incorrectly formed, documents are not carried out.

The pleasant party of work on a standard configuration is simplicity of updating. As the registered user, you have the right to come to any firm - the franchisee about a compact - a disk, to show the second part of the questionnaire and to ask to write down updates - free of charge. Updating is delivered in the form of archive, unpack it in any catalog. Then find the update file there. txt is a detailed instruction. If your configuration standard, then just do everything that there is written - and you will have an updating. For this purpose it is not obligatory to be the programmer at all, the level of the experienced user suffices.

And here updating of the non-standard, added configuration, demands knowledge of bases of work in a visual programming environment, knowledge of bases 1C and a clear idea of what is added in a configuration. It is unlikely you in firm will have such person. Remain on a standard configuration at any opportunity! In the same way the situation is also with the regulated reporting which is updated every quarter. It is possible to receive it free of charge, to put according to the instruction which is included in the package, and it will always work at a standard configuration.

Now - the most interesting. Backup and testing of information bases. The mountain to the one who assigns backup to the coming expert - should not assign copying to programs - automatic machines! All responsibility for safety of the database lies on you. In small firm SQL - the version of 1C:Enterprise therefore it will be a question only about the file - server system will hardly be used. The client - server system is better to entrust the expert, but under strict control of performance. If something happens - repeatedly to hammer documents to you!

Usually two-level copying suffices. The copy of the database is made every Monday before work to one place, and every evening after completion of work - in another. Places for storage of copies have to be, at least, on other physical hard drive of the server. Even better - on other computer in other room. It is possible to add monthly copying on a compact - a disk, and to store in general in other building. Thus, protection against breakage of the hard drive and, in some measure, is guaranteed against various natural disasters and theft. For backup it is possible to use means 1s:konfiguratora. At the same time it is necessary to remember that by default it does not copy catalogs of users, the catalog of external reports and processings and many other things. Besides, restoration of a backup copy from archive of a configurator takes a lot of time from - for need of reindexation.

If the place on a disk allows, then it is more reasonable to copy the catalog of base entirely. Create for this purpose two labels on a desktop - Daily copying and Weekly copying . If you do not know as - call the programmer and forget about independent service. After that copying will be carried out literally by one contact. This way has one more advantage. For copying through a configurator it is necessary that all users left it. Direct copying can be made also on working base though it and is undesirable.

There was a testing and correction of information bases. Grateful for the coming programmer - started business and wait, and it can go also several hours. As far as it is necessary? So to say - will not prevent! You can do it and independently, allocating, for example, one day a month as day of maintenance. All necessary data for this purpose are in documentation. Do not forget to make a backup copy to the place other than daily and weekly copying. The program once again will warn you about it, read messages!

Whether testing and correction of information bases at serious failures helps? Quite seldom. Small failures are treated reindexation, 1C itself finds incorrect end and requests reindexation. If asked - do not refuse. After reindexation the program can continue to make a fool, then close it, come into the catalog of base and remove all files with expansion *. cdx. - be not afraid, the program will restore them at start. Be attentive, do not remove superfluous. If it does not help, then it is the best of all to be restored from the last normal backup copy. Do not hope for testing. It, most likely, will correct the database, but some data can be gone and what - cannot be predicted.

That`s all! If in firm there is a person capable to do it independently - on service it is possible to save. At serious problems - address experts, it is their bread, and you will be helped surely!