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How to fight with “ hvostorezam “

One of the simplest and at the same time difficult ways of earnings on the Internet are participation in partner programs.

Why simple? Because you do not need to care for development, registration, storage, delivery of goods to the buyer. For you it will be made by the owner of a partnyorka.

And difficult because it is necessary to convince the visitor to acquire the goods advertized by you and in additives to keep the commission charges. Most often, owners of the commercial websites and mailing groups participate in partner programs. It appears, and in this type of business there are reefs.

All owners of partner programs provide to the affiliates advertizing materials. It can be references, banners, articles, books. The personal identifier of the participant of the partner program which will allow scripts of the partner program to define whose registers in refferalny exile this is the visitor and in case of successful sale, to enlist to the partner, the commission lamenting to it.

The affiliate link, depending on the used scripts of the partner program, can be two types: short and long.

Usually, the short reference has such appearance of ru/? ID.

Where ID - the identifier of the participant of the partner program. For example, here the short affiliate link of site so looks. ru/? 1234.

Unfortunately, the “advanced“ user or “őâîńňîđĺç“, seeing such reference understands that it is an affiliate link and before to pass on it, it “ cuts off “ to it tail? 1234 also passes to the remained address.

The long reference looks so:

of www. site. ru/cgi - bin/affiliate/click. cgi? refid=1234. If the user something cleans

from an affiliate link, then it will not get on the website of the advertized goods and will not obtain information about is mute. To get on the website, it is necessary to click the full link.

Now I will explain, briefly, who such “hvostoreza“. “Hvostoreza“ are unlucky the Internet - businessmen who purposely cut off “tails“ at affiliate (partner) references, thereby, preventing to earn money to participants of partner programs.

Dear “hvostoreza“ why you are engaged in theft? Of course not literally this word, but nevertheless. Why theft?

I explain.

The person registered in someone`s partner program puts a lot of money, time and nerves for advertizing of someone else`s goods, in hope to earn the percent which are due to it. What is done by you? Cutting off “tail“ at an affiliate link, you boldly steal that money which was invested by affiliate in order that this reference reached you, and the percent which are also due to it. You can tell: “Yes, I steal money, but it needs to be proved!“.

Of course, it is almost impossible to prove it. But do not forget, Terrestrial laws still no who cancelled. To take at least “the principle of a boomerang“. Everything that you ever created, will return to you doubly. As they say:“ As the call, so the echo“.

Ask yourself a question why you do it? The answer will be banal to a disgrace, and it will look, most likely, so:“ I cut off “tails“ at partner

references not to allow to earn on me money“. But same it is silly if you decided to buy the pleasant goods, you anyway lay out 100% of its cost and what to you will be a difference as this money will be distributed. Cutting off “tail“ at an affiliate link, you once again put the money for the account of already taken place millionaire, thereby depriving of that a cyber - the slogger who gave to you this reference, honestly earned money. But whether you thought

of why participating in partner programs, you still did not earn kopeks? I think, now you will have a subject for reflection.

How to protect own affiliate link from “hvostorez“?

How to make it more attractive?

Appears, it is very simple to make it!

So, we will start.

WAY 1.

Personally I long time use the special program - the encoder which is applied as a bonus to the electronic management “Kibersant -

the Matrix“. It is very simple to use the program. It is necessary to enter your affiliate link and the name of the website of the author whose goods you

advertize into special fields and then you press the Code button. After that keep the ciphered reference as partner. html. Naturally, for each partner

program it is necessary to think up the name of the page. And all. Your affiliate link is reliably protected! In more detail about “Kibersant - the Matrix“ can learn on

this website:

of ru/matrix. html

WAY 2.

One more, not less effective way to protect the affiliate link from encroachments is use of a subdomain. For example, your main website

looks so: site. ru, then the website address by means of which you will direct visitors to the website of the seller will look so:

partner. site. As it to make ru


We come into the control panel of your account on the used hosting. We find the section “Subdomains“. We register a subdomain, having entered his name into a special

window and we establish a redirect on the advertized page, having inserted the refferalny exile into the window intended for this purpose. As it works it is possible to look here:

with - alliance. ru

WAY 3.

By means of this way you will be able to protect the affiliate links, to hide the real address of the website, to keep account of transitions and displays of your references, to keep

account of number of downloading of files to analyze efficiency of link exchange with other websites, to operate a traffic depending on geography

of the visitor, to create references with the limited number of transitions and many other things. Entrust the reference to professionals, having registered in “the Redirect Service of New Generation. Protection of references. Geo redirect“. to Learn

more about it is mute it is possible on the page:

of ru/urldefender. html

P. S. Recently I received Ivin Chia`s book “10 most gross blunders of work in partner programs“ from Pavel Berestnev. Naturally, I read all this and I apply

in work. But the matter is that in one book read by me, article, mailing I did not see the main rule which has to be selected with red letters and bold print. This rule looks so:“ You want to earn in the partner program itself, do not prevent to do it to others!“

of Good luck to you!